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The Vulture, the Giant and the Flea: Ten Tasks for the Vulture Volume 2 By Mark Lord
eBook (ePub): $1.54
The second installment in the new epic fantasy series (can also be read as a stand alone story) My name was synonymous with carrion and death. Men called me the Vulture. Before me lay a scroll on... More > which were written ten names. Ten heroes to complete ten tasks. Alexia, Princess of Real-Dorn, self-proclaimed God-Queen of northern Neriador had summoned me, and who was I to refuse her? After all I owed her so much. She knew why I was the man I was. And she had decided to call in her debt. There were men on the list strong enough to fight great monsters, but who was best suited to defeat a Giant? Were not elephants afraid of mice, according to legend? Well perhaps this giant would be afraid of someone very small? My finger hovered over the name of Felderen, a diminutive but deadly man known as the Flea of Lufur. The Vulture, the Giant and the Flea is the second volume in the Ten Tasks for the Vulture series of fantasy short stories.< Less
Stand and Fight By Mark Lord
eBook (ePub): $1.54
Do you like tales of Medieval Battles and Sieges? Yes? Then "Stand and Fight" is your kind of story Montmal Castle, the Duchy of Aquitaine, 1374 A large French army is at the walls of... More > Montmal castle. Bertrand, the Gascon commander of Montmal is ready to surrender despite his vow to defend castle in the name of Edward, Prince of Aquitaine and the eldest son of Edward III of England. Richard Stone, the only Englishman in the castle, is horrified at Bertrand’s duplicity. But the French commander has a grudge against Bertrand and will under no terms accept his surrender. There is no choice for the garrison but to stand and fight. Stand and Fight is a short story set during the Hundred Years War between England and France.< Less
Two Lives for the Sea God By Mark Lord
eBook (ePub): $1.54
A brilliant tale of sorcery and revenge set in the epic fantasy world of Neriador For Holcan the pain of losing his father is too much to take. There must be more to grief than the usual rituals of... More > mourning: offering sacrifice into the whirlpool of Nuaha and the shedding of his own blood to the god to ease his father’s way into the afterlife. Although he died in a storm at sea, Holcan knows that his father’s death was no accident. He must have revenge on the man responsible. No matter what the cost. No matter what the consequences. “Two Lives for the Sea God” is a fantasy short story set in the world of Neriador.< Less
The Valley of Fear By Mark Lord
eBook (ePub): $1.58
When Holmes receives a coded message from an informant that John Douglas is to be murdered, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are plunged into a mystery much deeper than it first appears. The fact that... More > the tip-off comes from Fred Porlock, a member of Moriarty’s infamous gang is bad enough, but for the murder to be carried out would require access to a moated castle that seems impossible. The Valley of Fear is the fourth and final of the full-length Sherlock Holmes novels. This edition includes “An Introduction to Sherlock Holmes” by J. S. Williams.< Less

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