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Anvil of Necessity By Stuart Slade
eBook (ePub): $8.99
A year after The Big One, the world tries to recover from the disasters of World War Two. In Eastern Europe, A German Field Marshal and a Russian General try to find a way of ending the fighting... More > without further bloodshed. In the UK, a shipyard worker struggles to find a future for his family. Far away from Europe, Thailand faces a military crisis that forces a young woman to face challenges she had never imagined. In a world that has been ruined by the Second World War, everybody has to make decisions based on the harshest of rules, the anvil of necessity< Less
The Great Game By Stuart Slade
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Twelve years after The Big One, SAC is an organization in crisis. Developing defenses have placed its bombers at risk. SAC is gambling on a new concept of bomber to restore its power, the B-58... More > Hustler. Outside America, Nazi Germany has been devastated by nuclear fire but the remnants of its armed forces still fight on in Russia, forming their own small states. Only one now remains, led by “Baron” Walter Model, who still has the world’s last SS division and a fearsome arsenal of poison gas. In the Pacific, the Empire of Japan is looking at its neighbors with greedy eyes. They are willing to acquire them by any means necessary. That will lead to a confrontation between the world’s greatest battleship and the world’s last battlecruiser. The Japanese also use the new doctrines of revolutionary warfare but do they understand what they are playing with? And another power is rising, one that may rival Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in malice……< Less
Crusade! By Stuart Slade
eBook (ePub): $8.99
A new world power, The Caliphate, has been born It is spreading across the Middle East absorbing the other countries in the area. The rest of the would sees The Caliphate as a homogenous power that... More > has a long-term plan for regional domination but those inside the new country see a far different picture. The Caliphate is unstable, weakly led and riddled with internal contradictions. Only its constant outward expansion holds the whole ramshackle ediface together. The Caliphate also has a Far Eastern rival, one whose long-term aims are very different. A collision between the two is inevitable. There is another factor that looms on the horizon. Willingly or not, The Caliphate's expansion will bring it into direct conflict with the United States and that means it will face SAC's bombers. Yet The Caliphate's leaders do not understand the terrible meaning of that confrontation. In a world that stands on the brink of disaster, can good men and bad work together to prevent the catastrophe?< Less
Ride Of The Valkyries By Stuart Slade
eBook (ePub): $9.99
The B-70 Valkyrie is joining America's arsenal at a time when the world is hitting a new crisis. In North Africa, heroic resistance by French and Algerian troops have stopped the advance of the... More > Caliphate in its tracks. In the South China Sea, missile cruisers of the Indian and Japanese Navy are about to meet head-on in the first major naval battle for a quarter of a century. In a battle that ranges from the deserts of North Africa to the fabulous casinos in Cuba, the Valkyrie will draw its baptism of fire in an effort to destroy the Caliphate's biological weapons.< Less