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The American Cinematographer Magazine Book Review: Michael G. Uva’s Dollies, Cranes & Camera Heads presents an invaluable reference guide to the market’s most prevalent cranes,... More > dollies and heads, as well as a myriad of accessories . . . In short, keeping a copy of Michael Uva’s Dollies, Cranes & Camera Heads close at hand during both prep and production is a good way to be sure of finding the correct tool for the needs of each shoot . . . Jim Hemphill "Below the Line" Newspaper Book Review Written with a folksy-wisdom and ease . . . Cleverly combine real life scenarios with proven “how to get the shot” solutions . . . It is destined to be a must-have item for every film student, best boy, dolly grip, crane operator, and smart UPM in town . . . Uva has placed in our hands a volume of information that previously was only attainable through years of experience . . . Jim Udel. 579 pages. Over 600 illustrations & charts.< Less
Grip Terms By Michael Uva
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Here’s your chance to at least sound like you know what the hell you’re doing. (While you’re learning your craft.) Knowing just some of this dialog/slang/jargon, also used by the... More > other working crew, is a must! So, that being said, this is my almost free gift to you. Now, buy the damn book and go make a ton of money, making movies!< Less
Uva’s Short’s By Michael Uva
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Did you ever wonder what might happen if you were to hang your mind in the Wind? Uva has a strange mind. These "23" Stories will have you all over the map. You are here. There is no there! ... More > You are just here.< Less
Prose: You Know What I'm Talking About By Michael Uva
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Hey, how you doing today? What will you have? Would you like a pastry with that? Great! A medium coffee Perfect! That will be a $1.75. And here you go, sir, your change is a quarter. A sound that... More > a quarter makes when it hits the empty plastic tip jar reverberates throughout the quaint coffee shop. Stunned silence. No thank you, come again, have a nice day. Nay, not a word. If looks could kill. Next time, I use the drive through.< Less