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Griptionary By Michael Uva
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Here’s your chance to at least sound like you know what the hell you’re doing. (While you’re learning your craft.) Knowing just some of this dialog/slang/jargon, also used by the... More > other working crew, is a must! So, that being said, this is my almost free gift to you. Now, buy the damn book and go make a ton of money, making movies!< Less
Uva’s Short’s By Michael Uva
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Did you ever wonder what might happen if you were to hang your mind in the Wind? Uva has a strange mind. These "23" Stories will have you all over the map. You are here. There is no there! ... More > You are just here.< Less
Prose: You Know What I'm Talking About By Michael Uva
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Hey, how you doing today? What will you have? Would you like a pastry with that? Great! A medium coffee Perfect! That will be a $1.75. And here you go, sir, your change is a quarter. A sound that... More > a quarter makes when it hits the empty plastic tip jar reverberates throughout the quaint coffee shop. Stunned silence. No thank you, come again, have a nice day. Nay, not a word. If looks could kill. Next time, I use the drive through.< Less
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What This Book Is All About! Tricks of the Trade (Or as I like to call it; T.O.T.S.) There are many famous quotes in the movie business. (It's what we do!) One comes quickly to mind. "There... More > are ten ways to do a job!” (And yet, they all seem to work.) It’s quite true. So, that’s one reason for this book. The other reasons, passing it along, paying it forward, helping one another. (You get the picture) Here's the deal, if you use just one of these tried and true methods properly, you'll look good. If you look good, (To the bosses) you'll be asked back. (That’s a no-brainer) Hopefully, it will help you and others for years to come. (Pass it along)< Less