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The Magical Adventures of Esme By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $9.25
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This is the story of Miss Esme Hudson. This very special little girl who finds an old book whilst sorting out a lot of old second hand books in her Granddad’s book shop. Being a very keen... More > reader herself, young Esme reads a passage from this ancient looking publication, what Esme didn’t realise, was that the book she was reading, had very magical powers. Suddenly Esme is transported by magic, to a magical land. Esme’s new friend, who is a Sun Bear, embark on marvellous and dangerous journey to find the most precious thing in the magical kingdom. They encounter a wizard, and talking animals. They get captured by strange creatures and elves. Will Esme and her friend find what they are searching for? And will Esme ever manage to return home to her family? The magical book holds the answers!< Less
Crossing Over...! (The Stuart Spink Story) By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $16.90
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Stuart Spink refuses to go into the light until he finds his killer. This presents a dilemma, since Stuart is even less competent as a spirit than he was as a live person. No one sees or hears him... More > and he can't manage to get anywhere or do anything on his own. His best friend; and fellow paranormal investigator Mr. Robert Atkinson is also a private investigator, living an ordinary life. Then one day he walks across a car-park, gets yelled at by Stuart’s ghost, and his life only gets stranger from there...Stuart and Rob team up to find Stuart's killer. In the process, they form an unlikely friendship and change each other's lives in ways they never expected.< Less
Die Märchen-Mörder (The Fairytale Murderer) By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $17.31
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Women are disappearing in York and with each disappearance there comes another “special delivery” from a man who calls himself the Fairy Tale Murderer.
Louie & Finlay in the Alien Dimension By Paul Weightman
Paperback: List Price: $25.09 $15.05 | You Save: 40%
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Buried deep below the Nevada desert, is a very special school where the best and brightest children come from around the world to learn the technology that will bring mankind to its next step of... More > evolution, a place amongst the stars. This book follows Louie Daniel Cook, and his best friend Finlay, along with some of the other students, through a year in this school where they learn how to pilot a UFO, take a field trip to mars, and learn from aliens!< Less