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Black and Blonde Wrestling By Sexy Sluggers
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Some like wrestling, some like boxing, some like BOTH! If you're not a boxing fan, maybe you passed on our Black and Blonde Boxing, so... How about wrestling? Here we return Team Blonde and Team... More > Ebony in another all-in battle (all four fighter in the ring at the same time). Hilda and her 18 year-old son Danny face off against Sugar Tits and her nephew Jael. These are experienced grapplers with power and a willingness to do what it takes to win, no matter how brutal or erotic. Mostly it's girl-vs-girl and guy-vs-guy, but you KNOW they're going to mix it up, right? Almost two dozen images tell the tale (a few "borrowed" from the boxing version) with another dozen alternate panels, mostly all-nude versions but a few close ups as well. It's a testimony to the talent and versatility of ZenBayMono Studio that we can present such outrageous and exciting battles! Presented in screen resolution PDF file. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Black and Blonde Boxing By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $9.95
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Welcome back to the BUSINESS GYMNASIUM, where the best fighters participate in tough and often erotic battles. Tonight is a rare BOXING match, and the very FIRST "all-in" battle, meaning... More > both teams are in the ring simultaneously, with no rules or referee to get in the way of their desired tactics. Team Blonde is Hilda and her 18 year-old son Danny. Their opponents are Team Black, featuring Sugar Tits and her 18 year-old nephew Jael. Each team has confidence in their abilities and are willing to use any tactic, regardless of how brutal or erotic, to claim the victory. The story is told in 12 original images, with an additional 10 where minor alterations are made to the originals, which includes an alternate ending! As always, beautiful work by ZenBayMono Studio. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY Delivered as Screen-Resolution PDF file.< Less
Zenbaymono Boxing Gallery # 5 By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $11.95
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This one's been a long time in the making - and we worked EXTRA hard to give it value worth the wait! It's the ZenbayMono Boxing Gallery # 5, and we think it's the biggest and best to date. We start... More > with 18 new images, and as always, we mix and match, perhaps adding some gags along the way - and we pulled a lot of mixes from older content too! That plus 3 images from our recently added "It's A Guy Thing" for a total of 44 images! These galleries are hard work but fun to do as well, thanks to the amazing relationship we have the ZenbayMono Studio. If you enjoyed our previous galleries, we don't think you'll be disappointed with this one! 44 images in screen-resolution PDF file. Artwork by ZenbayMono Studio NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Zenbaymono Wrestling Gallery # 6 By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $8.25
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It's been a while, but we're back with another fun and erotic ZBM Wrestling Gallery! It's the sixth in the wrestling series, and it may be the best to date. Breast punishment, low blows, cock girls... More > and mud - 12 ORIGINAL images PLUS 20 variants, where we play with the new ZBM images, dress and undress the wrestlers, and mix them with some of the old for fun and sexy added value for a total of 32 images. Presented in screen resolution PDF file. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less