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From the Kaiserhof to the Reich Chancellery By Joseph Goebbels
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Nazi propaganda minister Joseph’s Goebbels diaries from January 1932 to May 1933 provide a first-hand chronicle of the tumultuous time which saw Adolf Hitler propelled from his civilian... More > headquarters at the Kaiserhof Hotel into the office of Chancellor. The day-by-day entries provide riveting reading and reveal long-suppressed facts: - How the Weimar “democracy” forced the Nazis into fighting elections while banning their newspapers and forbidding them to hold public meetings; - The campaign of terrorism and murder waged against the NSDAP by the communists; -The NSDAP’s funding; -The political intrigues which eventually forced the establishment to offer the post of Chancellor to Hitler; -The burning of the Reichstag; - The Jewish declaration of war against Germany and the counter-boycott of Jewish shops in German; and much more. This new edition includes 18 appendices of a number articles by the author, taken from his newspaper and from speeches made at the time.< Less