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ANNE SWIFT The Collected Medical Mysteries (HB) By T. Edward Fox
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Anne Swift has been a secret scientist for the FBI since her son, Tom, was six. We all know he grew up to be the famous young inventor, but until some of her adventures were declassified and allowed... More > to be made public, nearly everyone Anne knew—including her husband—believed she was just a housemaker and wife. But, with the educational background she had and her triple degrees in Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology—the first woman ever to achieve that distinction—it was only a matter of time before either she went looking for work in her field, or it came to find her! Her backstory may be found in the biographical novel, "ANNE SWIFT: Making the Molecular Biological Detective." This is a collection of the 9 previously published novellas detailing 8 of Annes adventures plus a reprint of the in depth interview she gave on retiring (the first time), the excerpted medical adventure from her biography, plus a never before published short story written just for this book.< Less
ANNE SWIFT The Collected Medical Mysteries By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $13.99
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Anne Swift has solved dozens of secret medical cases for the FBI and the details of only a few have ever been released for public viewing. This book is a collection of her first ten adventures. It... More > includes the excerpted case from her biography detailing her very first FBI case, the lengthy interview she gave after her "retirement" and the announcement to the world of who she was and what she had done for this nation, and even the first case she took after that interview when she grew restless. Also in this collection is a never-before-seen short story, Anne's Swiftest Case, a bonus only available in this collection. The first nine stories have appeared in trilogies—three of those—in the past.< Less
Anne Swift: Making the Molecular Biological Detective By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $10.99
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There have been 8 Anne Swift medical mysteries reported plus the interview she gave upon retiring from her work, but not a word about how she became interested in Bio;logy enough to get an... More > undergraduate degree in the subject, and a graduate degree and even a doctorate in the field… and then just gave it up to be a wife and mother. This is the book that takes us along with Anne from the age of about 13 through school, love, marriage and how she was enticed into becoming a super, secret scientist for the FBI. And how she had to keep it all a secret. And how she helped cure a nasty type of cancer at the age of 18. Plus, her entire first FBI case.< Less
Anne Swift Trilogy 2 By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $7.99
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In Anne Swift's second trilogy of novellas, the mother of young inventor, Tom Swift, continues working as a secret scientist for the FBI on three new cases taken from the recently declassified files... More > of that agency. She first finds herself in a race against time when an incredible trove of dinosaur bones discovered in her home town turn out to be killing the very scientists studying them. Next, she helps hunt down the source and reason for a death being spread from a fragment of a meteor that may also give a hint into the distant past on Earth. Her third adventure involves people and animals that have died when they were struck by thousands of tiny explosions. As with all of Anne's cases, not even her family has a clue what she is up to when they are at work or school!< Less