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Damon Swift: The Duly Deputized Rhino… By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $8.99
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In this third trio of novellas celebrating the inventions of the father of Tom Swift, Damon Swift, the seasoned inventor tackles a problem in Africa, one that will soon be in outer space. and then he... More > heads back to Australia for another interesting project. In "Damon Swift and the Duly Deputized Rhino," he must devise a way to protect endangered rhinos from the poaching squads of an evil dictator of one of the newest nations. "Damon Swift and the One-Man Missile" sees him attempting to work with the French designers of a forthcoming space station to rival Enterprises' own Outpost in Space, only to find that they have made far too many mistakes in their design. But it is what they intend to do with the invention he is creating for them that makes him angry. Finally, in "Damon Swift and the Pretend Pterodactyl," he is hired to create a flying lizard for a man who is more interested in getting his name on a new theme park than in doing things right.< Less
Damon Swift Invents… By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $9.99
Ships in 3-5 business days.
In his first collection (The Wonderful Damon in Oz) he created a trio of inventions for Australia. Now, his attention is turned back to the USA. Story #1 is an enhancement to the very first Damon... More > story (2012). He leaves his job at NASA to concentrate on saving the family business. It turns out that a project his father had never been able to complete may be the key to do this. But, how do you sell something nobody is asking for? Story #2 sees Damon in more modern times, 18 years later, when he is drawn into a potential international time bomb. Weapons have been discovered cached in the arctic. Guns, ammo and small missiles all pointing at the U.S. and all seemingly from a very unfriendly Asian nation. But, the people who want his help believe these are meant for a forthcoming attack on Europe. Story #3 is the tale of Damon creating a way to help save an elusive Amazonian tribe from death by the plague. But finding them may be the toughest part of all! Also includes special new short story.< Less
The Wonderful Damon in Oz By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $9.99
Ships in 3-5 business days.
A collection of three novella-length adventures about Damon Swift and his inventions made for Australia. The first story centers on a request for a unique 2-man submarine. When nobody in Australia... More > can come close to what is needed, Swift Enterprises steps forward and builds exactly what they are asking for. Except, not everyone wants what they have specified! Story 2 is a year later when the Aussie Navie comes back for another odd project. The must have a drone that can cover long distances over the ocean, remain undetected or at least ignored, and send back surveillance data. But, one Admiral wants to see the project and its sponsor discredited! Story 3 involved Damon and a High-ranking former politician who has taken command of a delivery service for the Outback. But, her equipment is failing, her costs are crippling and she is over her head. Damon comes to the rescue with help and technology she needs and can afford!< Less
ANNE SWIFT The Collected Medical Mysteries (HB) By T. Edward Fox
Hardcover: $19.99
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Anne Swift has been a secret scientist for the FBI since her son, Tom, was six. We all know he grew up to be the famous young inventor, but until some of her adventures were declassified and allowed... More > to be made public, nearly everyone Anne knew—including her husband—believed she was just a housemaker and wife. But, with the educational background she had and her triple degrees in Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology—the first woman ever to achieve that distinction—it was only a matter of time before either she went looking for work in her field, or it came to find her! Her backstory may be found in the biographical novel, "ANNE SWIFT: Making the Molecular Biological Detective." This is a collection of the 9 previously published novellas detailing 8 of Annes adventures plus a reprint of the in depth interview she gave on retiring (the first time), the excerpted medical adventure from her biography, plus a never before published short story written just for this book.< Less

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