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A Fourth Pocket of Swift Inventions By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $9.99
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Not surprisiingly, this is the 4th collection of novella-length stories about some of Tom Swift's inventions, this time including the second story of his father, Damon Swift, and a little something... More > he made for the Australian Navy. This book contains stories about a project Tom takes on to help his favorite teacher out of a jam, the time he created an entirely different aircraft to meet a Government request that turned out better than they had asked for (no surprise), his attempts at creating an automobile engine that does not require gasoline (and is not just another electric car), a little speedster he creates to help Bud Barclay win a bet, and how he helps save lives when a misguided contest lures a number of people to attempt to free fall dive from outer space. While there is technically one fewer story in this collection, the average story length has been lengthened to explore even more details about each of the featured inventions.< Less
Tom Swift Invention Duo-1 By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $5.99
Ships in 3-5 business days
The first in a new two-story miniseries of invention stories involving our favorite young inventor, Tom Swift. In story #1 Tom takes on a project to develop a high-flying surveillance aircraft that... More > seems impossible to build. The specifications aren't precise and the whole thing appears doomed until he decides to just build it like it should be. When it turns out that a competing company may have been involved in bribery to get the contract, he redoubles his efforts. Story #2 sees Tom investigating an alternate to gasoline or diesel engines to power cars and trucks. With the planet's supply of petroleum running low, it is almost a matter of doing it now, or missing the opportunity entirely. His efforts are hampered by a small team of foreign spies out to get his experimental power system for use as a weapon< Less
Anne Swift Trilogy By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $8.29
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Anne Swift, wife to Damon and mother to Tom Swift and his sister, Sandy, is—secretly—a respected molecular biologist and investigator for the FBI. When not on an assignment, she is happy... More > to be a homemaker. But, give her the call to action and she is ready. This trilogy of short stories follows Anne into the world of cloning, nuclear physics and medical epidemiology. Due to the nature of some situations, this book is recommended for people 14 and older.< Less
Tom Swift 's Pocket Book of Inventions By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $8.99
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Tom Swift, teen inventor, has many major inventions (his Flying Lab, Giant Robot, Jetmarine, Outpost in Space, etc.) that we've all read about. But, he has created many smaller, less significant... More > inventions that you either hear a little about, or hear nothing about. This book contains 7 stories about 7 different inventions. These are the background stories about things that you might only see mentioned as, "And Tom grabbed his La-La-La-Device and ran out the door to rescue Bud…" in one or more books. Ever wanted to know more about Tom's Fat Man diving suit? Well,this is the book for you.< Less