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Bare Knuckles & Let's Wrestle By Sublime Savagery
eBook (PDF): $9.95
Bare Knuckle Babes (15 images) In the early morning privacy of a garage, two uptown girls strip down to only panty hose for a head-knocking bare knuckle grudge match. It's brutal blonde on brunette... More > action from start to knockout finish. Let’s Wrestle! (15 images) Now this is Sublime Savagery indeed… A gorgeous black girl - a gorgeous white girl - wrestling in a ring for an enthusiastic audience. These lean, athletic, and sweat slick female bodies strenuously grapple to that elusive final pin. They're evenly matched and as voluptuously sexy as they are determined to win. Renders by Artdude41 Nudity, Violence, Adults ONLY< Less
Topless Tussles 1 & 2 By Sublime Savagery
eBook (PDF): $14.95
Here is a unique selection of beautiful art by Stevenson Moore, as well as brutal 3D renders and a generous handful of photos featuring the girls from the popular UNSANCTIONED series. It's a series... More > of gallery art sure to satisfy a true connoisseur of the visual aspect of bare breasted female fighting in many of its forms. 38 Panels featuring 43 images, presented in a screen resolution PDF file. Nudity, Adults Only< Less
Unsanctioned By Sublime Savagery
eBook (PDF): $14.95
A grimy warehouse in the depths of Manchester's run down textile district plays host to an illegal prizefight in Sublime Savagery’s first female fighting photo story.   Clad in just... More > tight jeans, work boots and a sheen of glistening sweat, two beautiful fighters enter the makeshift ring to duke it out in a high stakes, winner-takes-all unsanctioned fight to the finish.  Gorgeous girls beautifully photographed on location in hot and sexy fighting action - what more could a female fight fan ask for? 40 Images in PDF format. Nudity, Violence, Adults ONLY< Less
Boxing Beauties I & II By Sublime Savagery
eBook (PDF): $14.95
Boxing Beauties Volume 1 (17 Images): Sublime Savagery presents a brutal interracial topless boxing match! Seventeen images chronicle the action all the way from the first stinging punch to the... More > decisive knockout finish. These two sexy pugilists won't stop slugging until one of them hits the canvas for good! And the fact that their ample womanly charms are on show all the while seemingly doesn't bother them in the slightest. Boxing Beauties Volume 2 (18 images): Blonde boxing bombshell Charlotte "The Snow Queen" Reid steps back into the Sublime Savagery ring after her battle against Cate "Hurricane" Powers in our best selling topless boxing image set Boxing Beauties. But will she fare any better against the South Korean topless champ Chin-Sun Wang? Join us for something of a Sublime Savagery specialty - good old fashioned bare breasted female boxing to a thrilling knockout finish. Beautiful renders by Artdude41 Nudity, Violence, Adults ONLY.< Less