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WRITE-IN: Diary of a Congressional Candidate in Florida's Fourth Congressional District By Richard Grayson
eBook (PDF): $2.90
(1 Ratings)
Originally published as a recurring feature at the McSweeney’s website, Richard Grayson’s diary wryly chronicles the hopeless 2004 campaign of an emo-loving vegetarian fiction writer, the... More > sole opponent to a right-wing incumbent in Florida’s most Republican congressional district. Supporting socialized medicine, abortion rights, gay marriage and immediate withdrawal from Iraq, write-in Democrat Grayson jokes his way through a quixotic campaign to wind the hearts and minds of those North Florida voters who possess hearts and minds. “A fascinating diary.” - Stephen Elliott< Less
And to Think That He Kissed Him on Lorimer Street By Richard Grayson
eBook (PDF): $6.21
(2 Ratings)
"The dynamic Brooklyn cityscape serves as the backdrop in this beguiling collection of short stories. Grayson’s tenth volume of fiction introduces a multicultural multitude of characters,... More > including a teen lesbian from Uzbekistan who works as a Brooklyn Cyclones hot-dog mascot and a gay black student whose Pakistani roommate’s pet monkey helps him find acceptance on a mildly homophobic campus. In other stories, like 'Branch Libraries of Southeastern Brooklyn' and 'The Lost Movie Theaters of Southeastern Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach,' the author maps out memories against the geography of his beloved Brooklyn, with excursions to Los Angeles and South Florida. Grayson’s low-key, conversational prose is injected with flashes of wry wit...A funny, odd, somehow familiar and fully convincing fictional world." - Kirkus Discoveries, 4/13/06< Less
Who Will Kiss the Pig?: Sex Stories for Teens By Richard Grayson
eBook (PDF): $1.25
(1 Ratings)
For over three decades, Richard Grayson's idiosyncratic fictions have been appearing in literary magazines, anthologies and webzines, as well as in his book-length collections, including WITH HITLER... More > IN NEW YORK, LINCOLN'S DOCTOR'S DOG, I BRAKE FOR DELMORE SCHWARTZ, I SURVIVED CARACAS TRAFFIC, THE SILICON VALLEY DIET, HIGHLY IRREGULAR STORIES and AND TO THINK THAT HE KISSED HIM ON LORIMER STREET. Now, in WHO WILL KISS THE PIG?: SEX STORIES FOR TEENS, Richard Grayson brings together twenty of his quirkiest fictions, from his first published story, "Rampant Burping," which appeared in NEW WRITERS in 1975, to such recent pieces as "This Person Is Already Your Friend," published online at 3:AM MAGAZINE in 2007. "The incessant familiarity of the writer's secret self makes his world entertaining and bizarre. The dialogue is consistently, even ingeniously funny...bright and keenly made." - The New York Times Book Review< Less
Highly Irregular Stories By Richard Grayson
eBook (PDF): $4.49
(3 Ratings)
"An audacious and wickedly smart comedic writer brings his full weight to bear in a collection of his early work. Grayson, no stranger to experimentation, here assembles four of his most... More > engaging chapbooks, which merge nicely as an eclectic anthology of intriguing short stories. The author, who breaks nearly every literary rule in an obsessive effort to be unique, is both maddeningly and hilariously self-aware. 'Narcissism and Me' leaps dizzyingly between the author’s presence and the actual story like a snake eating its tail, while 'Sixteen Attempts to Justify My Existence' reads like a blog from another planet, and 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Citicorp' waxes poetic on the rise and fall of 1980s greed...Though certainly unconventional, Highly Irregular Stories are refreshing because of their aloofness, which allows the author to indulge his peculiar point of view...An iconoclast sways to his own beat, making beautiful music along the way." - Kirkus Discoveries, 7/14/06< Less

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