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Welcome to My Journal: Poems for Knowledge, Understanding, Love, Enlightenment and Revelation By Morris L. Walton
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The specially selected words used to write this book may, on the surface, appear to be the rambling and joyous praises of someone who is very spiritually rooted. However, I am daily becoming a... More > Christian and a faithful believer in God as I attempt to stand up for Christ Jesus when it appears as if one stands alone against countless many. More conversely, one should try to view the content contained herein carefully to see if there is a hidden meaning or message for you, and you, as well as you. I suggest that there are hidden messages and non-explicitly stated explanations to many of the journal entries contained herein. So, I also suggest that one simply take this text as a seed to be planted such that something good and of excellent as well as exceptional value then subsequently grows, in you.< Less