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Stories and Poem from Alex Potter By Alex Potter
Hardcover: $25.50
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Made for his Creative Writing class, these are the stories and poems wrote by Alex Potter. In this book you can travel through the life of complete jerks, Medieval Kingdoms, Big Police Assaults over... More > Lunch Money, and much more. These are the stories that swirled through Alex Potter’s head. Journey through these stories and visit them as if you were the characters, stories that you will want to read over and over for generations.< Less
Warriors of Atlantis Book One: The Book of Prophecy By Alex Potter
Paperback: $15.00
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Five are given a adventure to save the Atlantian World from the evils of an evil zod, Flamsus. Only they, as told in legend, can overcome the evils of this vile villain. Along the journey one is... More > lost, and must be found. Together the remaining four battle werewolves, griffon-sharks, zods, and even gods. All is centered around on thing, one thing stolen- The Book of Prophecy.< Less
The ALEX POTTER Chronicles Book Three: The God of Evil By Alex Potter
Hardcover: $29.99
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When Zero threatens to take over the World as we know it, Alex Potter is exiled from Olympus as Zero takes the Throne. With threats of a Titan invasion on Olympus, it seems as if the True King of... More > Olympus, Alex, will ever return. When all hopes seem to be lost, things only get worse. There is the First Demigod, Tyler Lewis, who is the Son of Casseopia, the Goddess of the Hearth. Now, Zero wants the child for his own evil purposes. Will Alex Potter return the World to its original form, or will it stay under Zero's rule, Forever?< Less
The ALEX POTTER Chronicles Book 1: The Demigod Traps By Alex Potter
Paperback: $10.00
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As young Alex Potter finds out that his father is Hades, the god of the dead and the Lord of the Underworld, he ends up going on an amazing journey to save a demititan sister.