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The Complete Thomas Troward Collection By Judge Thomas Troward, Dr. Robert C. Worstell, editor
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Thomas Troward is perhaps the single most influential writer in self-help. Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), Charles F. Haanel (The Master Key System) and many other authors either quote Troward... More > directly or have been influenced by those who studied Troward's lectures and books. All New Thought authors can be traced to his singular influence, and so as well, can every successful self-help book and author in our Western culture. This is a collection of his complete works, with a combined table of contents and easy-to-read format. A reference no professional or casual student of self-help should be without. Invest in yourself today!< Less
Secrets to the Law of Attraction By Dr. Robert C. Worstell, editor
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AS FEATURED in the underground hit movie, "The Secret", the Law of Attraction has quickly become a working tool in the everyone's survival kit. Many are hoping to attract increased wealth,... More > improved health, better relationships - and some have succeeded. However, there are secrets which aren't commonly known, hidden in books long out of print since the last time this Law was popularly discussed. And these traced to even older books than those. A careful search has uncovered these classics and traced them back to the most ancient texts yet uncovered. The idea and purpose behind this series is to make these classics again available so that you can study and understand the principles at work in this Universe. This single volume was produced from excerpts out of this series for your immediate use - starting today. You can change your life using the Law of Attraction - but you have to know its Secrets to do so...< Less
Secrets Between Your Ears By Emile Coue et al.
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What if any lack of abundant wealth, any relationship problems, any poor health - if all of these were simply resolvable by reprogramming your mind? While you may have heard that the only limits in... More > your life are within you, there IS a way to literally change your mind in order to achieve the greatness you know is there. Contained in this volume are three masterworks: "Wake Up and Live!" by Dorothea Brande, "The Secret of the Ages" by Robert Collier, and "Self-Mastery and the Practice of Autosuggestion" by Emile Coue and C. Harry Brooks. Each were bestsellers when originally published and finding new popularity with "The Secret". Within this text are the simple techniques (known and used by Napoleon Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich") that will make it possible to acquire any amount of money, degree of happiness, and quality of health you desire. Read, apply, and change your life forever!< Less
THINK, THANK, THUNK! By Dr. Robert C. Worstell, editor et al.
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There are three authors who have completely changed your world - Charles F. Haanel - "The Master Key System"Wallace D. Wattles - "TheScience of Getting Rich"Napoleon Hill -... More > "Think and Grow Rich" How they did it is point of study. But every major self-help author and every true success on this planet all use the same underlying system.I cover this in "Go Thunk Yourself", but later research only confirms this system as actual and underlying all that exists in our world - which is as we create it.In this volume are all these three authors' works.From them, you can work out the solution to any problem - if you apply what they teach to yourself and your dreams.< Less