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Alien ET UFO Social Paranormal Community Guide By Theresa Morris
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Alien ET UFO Social Paranormal Guide is written for anyone who desires to know more about the Alien ET UFO Social paranormal community. TJ is a Social Entrepreneur, author, and syndicated journalist.... More > This guide is to allow for others to easily find how to connect to others who are writers of the paranormal as authors, photographers, ufologists, videographers, artists, scriptwriters, and all website hosts, and publishers. This information can assist anyone who is truly interested in the fact that "Alien Civilizations Exist!" This has information, stories, links, and can further one's own interest in the various topics of interest in our Alien ET UFO Social Paranormal Community. Will be updated annually. TJ< Less
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Roswell UFO Encounters is a reference as an esoteric journey into the experiences of several people who happened to have had paranormal experiences. To some, the experiences are now a normal part of... More > these peoples lives. Alien Civilizations are Real and there are people who are spreading the news of their flying saucer or spacecraft not of earth origins encounters. Sally Hester of Roswell, New Mexico and TJ Thurmond Morris have shared their experiences among others.< Less
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Theresa J. Thurmond Morris combines her experiences and with her life's intensive investigations. People now "know" things direct that noone else had to tell them. Sixth Sense and ESP we... More > are finding out has been used to communicate with alien extraterrestrials. WE find out about a real UFO that has crashed but one was left intact on earth. It's occupants were the Grays. We also learn of the Supreme Beings. There is more we always wanted to know but were afraid to ask! Shh... TJ is going to share her story about an alien UFO. This is First in a Series. The next is TAKEN UP!< Less
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Roswell Connection is told by an Extraterrestrial Contactee or ETC. Theresa aka TJ has had an extraordinary life that includes being contacted throughout her present life. TJ has had several meetings... More > with death. TJ explains her extraordinary extrasensory experiences that she describes as beyond the perception of what we claim to be of earth. TJ became an instructor of the esoteric and metaphysical while keeping her faith, hope, and love for all sentient intelligent beings on earth. TJ is also described as a human hybrid with enhanced DNA. We may find that we are more than we think or want to believe. TJ befriends all who desire to take the spiritual path with her on the journey she calls being Ascension Centered for Enlightenment. Truth Seekers call TJ the Seer. Roswell Connection is about aliens, ETs, UFOs, flying saucers, extraterrestrials, Extraterrestrial Contactees, reports, sightings, Roswell New Mexico, White Sands, U.S. Army, underground, government, 2012, future, technology, hybrids< Less