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Three Phases Of Civilization Collapse By James Dakin
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Focusing primarily on the current ongoing economic collapse ( the first phase ), why we can't stop it and how to prepare for it cheaply.
PEE Prepper Emergency Essentials By James Dakin
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An update to the general concept of frugal survivalism, as most of my previous published works are out of date due to current events ( although still highly recommended for your perusal, obviously... More > ). 1. Taste Fatigue 2. Buying Wheat 3. Storing Wheat 4. Grinding Your Grain 5. Water Filter 6. How Much Food Should You Store? 7. Survival Rifle 8. Fat 9. Location 10. Precious Metals 11. Post-Apocalypse Lighting 12. Manual Clothes Washing 13. Peak Oil 14. Top Ten List 15. Junk Land 16. Wool 17. Caches< Less
Life After the Collapse By James Dakin
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A look at what life might be like after the collapse of civilization.
Apocalypse Gun Porn By James Dakin
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Almost all books and advice out there on survival arsenals are dead wrong ( you will be dead ). Semi-auto's are cool and macho and expensive, but they also use too much ammunition. Almost none of us... More > are capable of excercising fire disipline under the stress of combat, so we need a weapon that imposes that disipline. 20th century warfare was only possible because of the Oil Age and that era is ending. Come the Apocalypse there will be no more petroleum or natural gas to continue the modern ammo manufacturing our modern guns need. Embrace the old school guns for your survival arsenal.< Less