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The Story of Penelope By Gisele Veilleux
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The purpose of this book is to help parents talk to their kids about the emotional upset that takes place when an animal shows aggressive and dominant behaviors toward other animals or family... More > members. We are all optimistic when we bring a new pet into our homes, yet things don’t always work out the way we planned. Unfortunately, kids usually think it’s their fault, or they get angry with you, the parent. If your family is struggling with an aggressive pet, the story of Penelope will facilitate communication between you and your children and allow them the freedom to express and share their emotions with you. Written by President & Founder of The Dog Liberator Canine Rescue, Gisele Veilleux< Less
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Do you know a boy or girl that is always losing their shoes? Did you know that there are shoe worms just waiting for the right moment to attack the shoes in your home? Wendell and the Shoe Worms is... More > a comical story about a very mischievous little boy, who is always losing his shoes! While Wendell is constantly getting in trouble for doing other naughty little things, his parents wish he would just stop losing his shoes! One day, out of complete frustration, his father warns him about the dreaded shoe worms. Wendell then asks his Grandfather if shoe worms are real. Much to Wendell’s surprise, his Grandfather not only tells him that they are very real, he shares with Wendell all of the different kinds of shoe worms that stalk our planet, just waiting to attack and eat shoes that forgetful people have misplaced. Maybe your children should also be warned, and learn more about the dreaded shoe worm that is waiting and lurking in your home!< Less
The Dog Liberator By Gisele Veilleux
Calendar: $19.99
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Mission Statement: Prevent Border Collies and Mixes who are well-balanced family dogs from being surrendered to a shelter or a pound. Foster Collies in a home environment to prevent the usual trauma... More > associated when sensitive and intelligent dogs, like the herding breed, are placed in a shelter, pound or rescue. Evaluate the dog's temperament so it can be matched and re-homed. Alleviate canine social issues by consulting with professional animal behaviorists. Address any medical needs, ensure that dogs are fully vetted, spayed & neutered. Work on basic training, including crate training, barking, and basic commands before adoption. Solicit volunteers to transport and foster. Redirect quality adopters to other breeds and local rescues. Prevent well-balanced dogs from being euthanized.< Less
The Dog Liberator's Puppy Calendar By Gisele Veilleux
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2011 Calendar designed for Holly Ryerson, puppy foster for The Dog Liberator