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THE MUSES LOVE JOURNAL VOLUME 12, 2015 By Dr. Thomas Clough Daffern
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This Muses Love Journal remains the only academic journal being published anywhere in the world on the nature of love. Perhaps it is because love is such an elusive and all-encompassing fact of life,... More > like the air, that intellectuals ignore it and concentrate on smaller and more discrete issues? The Journal was launched in 1993 as IIPSGP’s journal on the premise that without love, and a proper understanding of love, we will never get peace on earth. That remains the operating premise behind this journal to this day. By love we mean love in all its aspects: divine, inter-human, intellectual, physical, social, sexual, emotional, aesthetic... and we also mean the study of cognate concepts such as altruism, compassion, generosity, caring, benevolence, karuna, metta, kama etc. We also approach this topic from a genuinely multicultural, multifaith and international perspective. Love does not belong exclusively to any one nation or race or faith.< Less