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The Power of Positive Drive, Determination, Ambition, Courage, Confidence and Hope/Faith By Adam Geiger
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If you need any kind of motivation or hope, Adam has really done up a nice book right here on Lulu. It talks about drive, determination, ambition, courage, confidence and faith/hope in a positive way... More > and towards God and Jesus also. People need more encouragement. This book marks Adam's 13th book on Lulu, he has exercise and other encouragement books, so please check them out. He's a NASM - certified personal trainer and CES, besides a motivational Christian model. Just click on his author spotlight anywhere. He also has Facebook fan pages. So check those out and send him a message!< Less
Making Friends and Building Loving Relationships By Adam Geiger
Paperback: $13.53
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Adam Geiger is a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer and CES, a Christian motivator and is the author of several books including "The Last Moments, What The Future Holds For The Driven" a... More > biography book, has put all his thoughts, knowledge of his experiences, psychology study for two years so far, behavioral study, and wisdom from other mature mentors in his life, into this self help book for young adults ranging from 16 to maybe 24, whom ever it influences. Of course anyone can read this if they choose to as well. The 5 chapter book is talking about making friends, and how difficult it can be to fit into this world. It also talks about getting into a relatiobship with a partner and a better relationship with your family. You'll learn how to love and care about the person other than revolving around sex as many teens and people do. You'll also make better friendships instead of toxic ones.< Less
Early Adulthood: Chasing Dreams and Getting Through the Struggles By Adam Geiger
Paperback: $11.72
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Adam P Geiger, is a NPTI-Certified Personal Trainer and a NASM-CES, he's also a motivational Christian model/author type person. What's inside this small compact pocket book will move you, help you... More > chase your dreams, face your struggles head on, help you find a career, it will help you ignore being imposed on, people who impose on you from your dreams. It will also help you make goals and achieve them. Everything you need for motivation is in this book right here!< Less
The Life Ahead for the Driven By Adam Geiger
Hardcover: $38.20
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Come sink yourself into this inspiring true novel, the telling of a story of young man dealing with ups and downs, being in poverty, jobless, almost hopeless, but with having a supportive More > finally getting hired at jobs and continuing to find success with his actual career, and find love. He begins selling tons of books finally. It's a typical experience that any young twenty some year old would go through, but it's moving story. Adam is a Christian man and has several other books here on He's a certified personal trainer and a Corrective Exercise Specialist. Stay tuned in to his fan page: AuthorAdamPGeiger. From this book, it should inspire you to write anything you want and share it with others without being embarrassed.< Less