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The Apothecary’s Rose By Gail Kavanagh
eBook (ePub): $1.86
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The Apothecary's Rose, or Rosa Gallica, is one of the oldest varieties of rose in the world, and has been used for cooking, cosmetics and medicine for centuries. This little book offers lore, recipes... More > and history of this wonderful rose.< Less
How to Make a Miniature Gypsy Wagon By Gail Kavanagh
eBook (ePub): $5.14
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Build, furnish and paint your wagon and head for the road! This miniature Gypsy Wagon is based on a genuine 'barreltop' and will make a delightful addition to your miniature gallery! This popular... More > how-to is now available in a brand new updated edition with more content! Some of the great things you can learn from this book: How to make a miniature crystal ball How to make wagon wheels and windows How to make a tiny tea set Pattern for genuine Gypsy folk art Why God made Gypsies, an old Romany tale and much more! The book includes photos of an actual model Gypsy wagon and clear illustrations to guide through the project.< Less
The Modern Apothecary's Kitchen By Gail Kavanagh
eBook (ePub): $3.08
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This is the updated version of this popular herbal The Apothecary's Kitchen, with more information and some creative, poetic additions. Want to know how to create your own Apothecary's Kitchen,... More > grow, dry and prepare your herbs, adds them to your cooking or use them for beauty and health? This little ebook will help you become acquainted with the wonderful world of herbs!< Less
Glenalee By Gail Kavanagh
eBook (ePub): $2.04
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New version of Glenalee, now with bonus paranormal romance short story 'Spelling for Mr Right' and a bonus book excerpt from Christopher Neville's Dark World Prophecy! Reporter Kate Gallagher has... More > come to the romantic old estate of Glenalee on assignment for the Braxley Chronicle. Little does she know that meeting a former resident of the house will unlock the secret of the house and bring together lovers parted by death. Bonus story Spelling for Mr Right. Asking the universe for your ideal man can be tricky, according to Joanna the Witch. But what really matters is - will it work? Dark World Prophecy: Dark World…Dark Destiny… Kyshin’s only desire is to become a Forton warrior and serve his god Dellose. But the gods of Dark World have a greater destiny for him…for in Dark World gods can die, and Kyshin is the only one who can save them. Read the first chapter of this thrilling novel here, and then buy the book on Lulu! This short story ebook is for lovers of paranormal romance.< Less