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This is the official brochure of the world renowned Italian Mentalist Luca Volpe. Pictures never seen before, info about shows and a lot more in a beautiful collector photo book! (Volume One)
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In questo libro completamente in lingua Italiana, il mentalista Luca Volpe presenta e spiega sei incredibili esperimenti per mentalisti professionisti ed intrattenitori psichici.Psicometria,Lettura... More > del pensiero, Q&A e molto altro ancora in un trattato che ha lo scopo di rendere memorabili le proprie performances, creando momenti di forte impatto emozionale sul pubblico.Ogni esperimento è provvisto di script di presentazione completo e dettagliato. Un volume che non può mancare nella libreria dell'intrattenitore psichico professionista. La prefazione è di Alfonso Bartolacci.< Less
Emotional Mentalism - Volume Two - By Luca Volpe
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After the worldwide success of “Emotional Mentalism”, Luca Volpe is back with the second volume which contains brand new routines for the serious mentalist and psychic entertainer. All of... More > the routines have been tested hundreds of times, on people from all around the world, in his private and public performances. Each routine includes a full script that covers all the psychological nuances. Tarot cards, pendulums, crystals and much more, in a book that will change the way you perform mentalism. Entertain your audience, in a new and emotional way. Also included in this book, you will find contributions from the greatest minds in psychic entertainment today. Contributions from: Neal Scryer,Jerome Finley,Peter Turner,Pablo Amirà,Richard Tenace,Todd Landman,David Thiel,Bill Cushman,Dale Hildebrandt< Less
THE COLLECTION - VOLUME ONE - By Luca Volpe, Kenton Knepper
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For the first time ever Kenton Knepper and Luca Volpe are allowing their creative collaborations to be published in a collector series of softcover books. THE COLLECTION Volume One contains the... More > HEADLINE PREDICTION release, PSYCHIC VISION named one of the Best Mentalism Products of 2011, and two additional bonus pieces, including SYMBOL CUBES which has never been released until this special Collection. This is highly realistic mentalism and readings material, not to be performed by those who want to be thought of as a mere trickster. You can literally change lives with this material, and people will never forget you when you perform it. From the psychological to the mystical, the symbolic to the shaman, this is a fine collector's book of real magic and mentalism. POWERFUL material for the sincere mentalist and reader, whether psychologically based or as seemingly real mentalism.< Less

PSIUKE' PSIUKE' By Luca Volpe Hardcover:
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Emotional Mentalism Emotional Mentalism By Luca Volpe Paperback:
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HORUS HORUS By Luca Volpe Paperback: