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Queen of Thieves By Jamie Whittenheim
Paperback: $19.00
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Jake Thornton has enough discouragements in life that he doesn’t need any more. But then in walks Ellen Cambridge and his life turns upside down. The trouble she brings soon eclipses the... More > numerous disappointments he’s been struggling to deal with. It isn’t long before he has to tap old resources to pull himself out of the fire, while he feels the overwhelming urge to protect Ellen mind, body, and soul. Kirin Danu ó Domhnaill once ruled as the rígain of the Danann Sidhe, until she was ousted in a hostile takeover. She now lives as a somewhat thief in the human world, where she searches for a way to return to Mordha Caisleán, the Leannán Sí seat of power. Her anger has been festering for decades, and now she will stop at nothing to take back the throne and put the opposition down, no matter how many people it hurts or that she must turn her back on.< Less
Oboroten By Jamie Whittenheim
Paperback: $18.00
Ships in 3-5 business days
Peter Stevenson has a secret he’s well prepared to kill for. He’s not really Special Agent Peter Stevenson, as the FBI believes; or Pyotr Stefanov, as his enemies, the Verband der... More > Wolfsjäger, think. He has an even darker side to him that only the members of his own kind know; and those only in the upper hierarchy of the Oboroteń. Placed in a position within the Bureau, it’s his job to ferret out cases that might involve the Oboroteń and derail those before they expose his people. But a previous assignment that has nothing to do with why he’s in that position eventually comes back to haunt him, and he finds himself not only under investigation by the Bureau, but skirting the edge of the law of his own people, while he falls further into a trap set by the sworn enemy of his race.< Less