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Inheritance Claim By Warren Brown
eBook (ePub): $1.27
Roman Sands is a Soul Hunter. In the future of human civilization, men and women will not lose their souls to the Grim Reaper on Earth. One man had a desire to live forever, so that he could enjoy... More > his inherited wealth and prosperity. That man Henry Urban got the best scientists to develop a method by which the soul of a living person could be transferred into a synthetic being or a highly developed humanoid, which looked and behaved like a human being. Every soul needed to be collected and then transferred into a humanoid. Roman Sands belonged to a team of Soul Hunters and Gatherers who had this special job to do of saving souls.< Less
Face Value By Warren Brown
eBook (ePub): $1.27
Human being in the 22nd century are valued by their Faces. This is based on a Global Face Index (GFI), which sets a person Face Value based on life experiences, trainings, skills and psychological... More > and physiological attributes. What happens when the wrong people in society have the highest FaceValuez and only one man knows how to control the Face Value Index before the world is controlled by fanatics and the criminally insane in society?< Less
Laura Attraction By Warren Brown
eBook (ePub): $1.27
Laura watched the programme on the “Law of Attraction” and mentally she made notes about all the exciting possibilities which were promised in the show. There was a lot of talk about... More > being positive and about the magnetic power of visualization. After the programme Laura sat down in her balcony and made notes about all that she could remember about the Law of Attraction. It did seem to work for so many people. There were Testimonials and proof produced on the Law of Attraction show that made it all very hard to imagine that it could be just another New Age scam.< Less
The Secret Vault of the Mysterious Storyteller: Case 3 Diamond Deadly By Warren Brown
eBook (ePub): $1.27
The Stolen Incan Diamond The Incan Diamond of Saphnoroc is stolen. The mysterious Storyteller must recover the Diamond of Immortality to its rightful owner. The Storyteller wears the cloak of story... More > and he or she is able to access all the stories that have taken place and which will take place in the world, we live in or in the world’s unknown to man but visited by the Storyteller. ˃˃˃ The Fiery Diamond The fiery coloured diamond of Saphnoroc is a symbol of nobility. It is considered to be the most magnificent of all the gems known to man. The magical diamond is the stone of Kings and the Queen of all the gems. There are a lot of legends of the cursed Diamond of Saphnoroc. ˃˃˃ The Eye of the Golden Goddess The Incan High Priest takes the Diamond from the Eye of the Golden Goddess on the high podium. He raises it to the heavens and yells in his native tongue, “Save Us Giant Gods” The people are gathered around him as they kneel in reverence and keep chanting.< Less

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