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eBook (PDF): $3.93
OVERCOMING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR APPEARANCE Problems with your appearance are often difficult to solve. A negative, distorted body image makes you wrongfully believe that you are inferior. You can,... More > however, change a negative body image and learn to look at yourself with more satisfaction and self-acceptance. Psychologists Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen present in this self-help book the most effective techniques for regaining your sense of pride as well as your freedom and self-confidence.< Less
Psychological TOP TIPS: SAVORING POSITIVE EMOTIONS By Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen
eBook (PDF): $3.93
SAVORING POSITIVE EMOTIONS Positive emotions give extra strength. But how can you bring them closer and expand them? With the descriptions of the positive emotions in this self-help book, you... More > will learn how to choose your path to more happiness and emotional resilience. Psychologists Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen will also give nine valuable thought and perception corrections, by means of which you can identify and apply the most important and relevant information in problem situations.< Less
Psychological TOP TIPS: OVERCOMING YOUR PERSONAL LIFE TRAPS By Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen
eBook (PDF): $3.93
OVERCOMING YOUR PERSONAL LIFE TRAPS In this self-help book psychologists Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen discuss different negative and positive attitudes to life. Everyday ten thousands of... More > thoughts run, either consciously or unconsciously, through your head. These thoughts are also steered by your life attitude. Your personal life attitude determines furthermore, to a large extent, which type of relationship you have with yourself or others. By adjusting your overall life attitude, you will become calmer, more resilient and stronger. This self-help book contains an action-guide that can help you to adjust your attitude with optimum effect to many recognizable stressful situations.< Less
Psychological TOP TIPS: OPTIMISM AND SELF-CONFIDENCE By Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen
eBook (PDF): $3.90
OPTIMISM AND SELF-CONFIDENCE. One of the basic ingredients for gaining self-confidence is having an optimistic attitude. Looking on the bright side of life is a good strategy for building courage... More > and feeling more secure. Believing in your own potential – and that of others – also builds confidence. Making the people around you feel good about themselves not only improves relationships, but can have a significant impact on your health and happiness. In this eBook, Psychologists Fred Sterk and Sjoerd Swaen reveal the secrets to finding optimism and confidence within yourself.< Less