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A Tale of Two Ships By Al Allaway
Paperback: $18.50
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Tale of two ships is a long promised sequel to Al Allaway’s Jonathan of Scots, eleven years in the making. During the 2nd English Civil War in 17th Century Scotland, Jonathan sets out on a 10... More > year quest over land and sea to recover a priceless heirloom needed to unlock political power in the fight between Oliver Cromwell and the Stuart kings of England. Now, years later, in Tale of Two Ships, Jonathan gets his long awaited master’s certificate to command a huge merchant ship. Pairing with a second ship in which son John is a new recruit, the two set off for the American Colonies. One carries over 100 Quaker passengers, indentured as servants and immediately problems arise. At every port of call in the wide circle of the Caribbean-Atlantic, trouble is encountered. This is a tale of wits and military strategy involving political greed, murders, desertions, pirates, and Dutch warships during the Anglo-Dutch wars, all while trying to buy or barter imports and exports between nations.< Less
Depth of Focus By Al Allaway
Paperback: $19.95
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A life filled with challenges starts for a well-to-do wildlife photographer when his supposedly deceased father shows up drunk and seeking help. Next, on assignment in Mexico’s Yucatan, his... More > Geographica expedition is abandoned in the jungle without supplies or transportation. Surviving resulted in found Mayan gold, but continues to fight greed. Another challenge arises at a retirement reunion, solving a mystery of an abandoned gold mine. A sequel using familiar characters, still fighting greed.< Less
Chronicles of YakWriters By Al Allaway
Paperback: $17.95
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The Perfect Gift: An Anthology of Poems & Short Stories by Yakima’s Writer’s Group. Notable Authors such as: Al Allaway, Walt Banko, Donnajean Barton, Guy Brooke, Patricia Clark,... More > Charis Dawson, Bonnie King Fulkerson, Gloria Hayden, Pansy Hoffman, Eve Hollingbery, Jim Leonard, Ed Malecki, Jeff Reynolds, Avel & Tanya Segura, Lois Selig, Earlene Silvestri, Carol Smith, Dick Sproul, Molly Steigleder, Ed Stover, Helene Thomas, Virginia Todd, Amelia Westbay. Some great ideas for writer's clubs or groups.< Less
Yakima Horizons By Al Allaway
Paperback: $15.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
True short stories and poems offered by members and friends of Yakima's premier writing group, The Yakwriters. Stories feature memoirs about growing up during World War II years, about observations... More > of unusual places and things, and about the ever changing natural objects around us. Wherever or whatever one might see on the physical or emotional horizon of Cental Washington State,is fodder for this book< Less