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The Gospel:For Here Or To Go? w/ New Forward By Keith Giles
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The Gospel message is one we must embody with our whole life. It's not a bumper sticker slogan or a call to repeat a prayer of confession. We, the followers of Jesus, have been entrusted with a... More > message of hope and love and reconciliation. Our calling is to live a life that demonstrates the love of God in the flesh. Discover your mission field and learn what it means to be an ambassador of Christ to your world, every single day. The Gospel is a way of life. It's more than telling people that Jesus loves them, it's loving them because He has loved us. In The Gospel: For Here Or To Go, Keith Giles shares his personal adventures as a missionary in Southern California and provides insight into what it means to be an incarnational minister of the Gospel, every single day. This new edition of the book features a forward from Neil Cole, author of "Organic Church" and founder of CMA Resources.< Less
Nobody Follows Jesus (So Why Should You?) By Keith Giles
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A devotional book for the next generation. This 205 page collection contains forty inspirational articles that address what it means to really follow Jesus, not just attend a service or agree to a... More > set of beliefs. If you desire to know more about following Jesus and less about how to join a program or a religious organization, this is the book you've been waiting for.< Less
The Top 10 Things Every Christian Should Know By Keith Giles
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I've been a follower of Jesus for over thirty years now, and even as a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel I only recently learned these 10 important concepts about what it means to be the... More > sort of disciple that Jesus had in mind. This book will challenge you, inspire you, frustrate you and possibly even anger you to some degree. If so, then I have done my job to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable. If nothing else, you will see Jesus, the Gospel and the act of being a disciple in a completely new way.< Less
Subversive Interviews By Keith Giles
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A collection of subversive conversations with Dallas Willard, Neil Cole, Frank Viola, Walter Kirn, Matt Redman, Jim Wallis, Todd Hunter, John Fischer, Dr. G.K. Beale and Dr. Scott Bartchy.