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It's Your Colon, Stupid (Color Edition) By Jim Plagakis R.Ph.
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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The first volume of the Wellness Chronicles. Jim Plagakis examines the effects of a toxic colon. How plaque, E-Coli and toxins can cause an otherwise healthy person to feel lousy. The typical... More > American diet is not conducive to good health and feeling good all of the time.< Less
JP's 20 Simple Rules for The Pharmacist By Jim Plagakis R.Ph.
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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This is JP's Original, Classic work on the institutionalization of the American Pharmacist. The End Cut, Bone-in Prime Rib version from 2006. This book explores the soul-crushing working conditions... More > of the job of a pharmacist. It offers solutions in a light-hearted manner. Jim's recent "The Prisoners of Comfort" is not light-hearted. You may want to read this, originally titled: JP'S 20 SIMPLE RULES FOR THE SUCCESSFUL AND SATISFYING PRACTICE OF PHARMACY.< Less
The Prisoners of Comfort By Jim Plagakis R.Ph.
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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The Prisoners of Comfort examines the soul-crushing working conditions that are tolerated in 21st Century Retail Pharmacy. These conditions can be dehumanizing and some say are worse than the... More > conditions in a modern factory. Mister Plagakis has never been shy about expressing his opinions, ideas or criticisms about the job and profession of pharmacy. He has lent his viewpoint in his Drug Topics column JP at Large for over 20 years. Jim's classic statement is: "It's the job, stupid. The profession is just fine." In The Prisoners of Comfort, Jim examines the institutionalization of the pharmacist. He presents the view that pharmacists who succumb to a life of comfort, that is won by making a very nice wage, become prisoners, indeed. He presents the players: the prisoners, the jailers and the wardens. The psychological dynamic is clear, but is there a way out? He says that there is!< Less
The Rebels of Comfort. Lights Out! By Jim Plagakis R.Ph.
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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The conclusion of the Comfort trilogy. Jim Plagakis explores why retail pharmacists feel so helpless and hapless on the job. He expands his discussion to the monolithic nature of drug chains and how... More > pharmacists can thrive and prosper, by practicing pharmacy independent of the "Prescription Mill".< Less

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