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Simhilarity By Gerard ZITTA
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Have you ever noticed that sometimes daughters and mothers look similar, not only because of genes, but also the way they dress, their hair style or colour, their glasses, etc. Same thing with pets,... More > especially dogs. Sometimes, they really look like their owner. In this ebook, you will find some ressources to use this idea in packet tricks, using images instead of playing cards. The impact on your audience will be much bigger and entertaining. Example of effect: You show a bunch of photos in one pile, and you show another pile face down, without showing the photos. « There is a sosie in the other pile. You need to find it!» At the end of course they kind of match, but when all photos are shown, it will be a bigger and funny surprise! [NOTE: This effect was already included in « M » ebook.]< Less
Auldtimesmoderntimes By Gerard ZITTA
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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You place a prediction in a glass or in full view. You write a list of activities (For instance: Reading, Play Music, Work, etc.). The participant chooses one of them (There is absolutely no... More > force). And now the « crescendo »: - You show your prediction and it was right (this one is an optional gag, or pretext for getting your audience involved). - On the pen there was another prediction, slightly more accurate. - But finally, with your hands empty, you produce a prediction from inside the cap. This one is 100% accurate. You will be provided with different variants, with and without a force, some simple and some more advanced.< Less
Threegraces By Gerard ZITTA
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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This is a funny little trick and a very simple plot. You can carry it in you wallet and always be ready, anytime, anywhere, or you prepare it in larger format, and perform it for wider... More > audiences. Effect: You show an image of three ladies. The spectator selects one of them, and it was predicted on the back. It is also a funny visual gag. Very entertaining, simple, direct, easy to do, instant reset, and practical.< Less
Bluff By Gerard ZITTA
eBook (PDF): $20.00
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You will be able to detect liars in a group of people and identify which one has selected a specific card or ESP symbol for instance. You can show your psychometry skills with borrowed objects. etc.... More > There are tons of applications. It works with any number of participants...Some will play the role of cheats, while other ones will be truth-tellers, but you do not know.You just ask the same question to some of them for instance, and you will guess everything, apparently just by listening to their voice (it can be done over the phone!), or looking at their body language. It does not use traditional fishing or anagrams, no stooges (instant or not), no preshow, no forces...It does not use traditional fishing or anagrams, no stooges (instant or not), no preshow, no forces... Some classic effects are explained with this method, but the scope is much wider. BONUS: Cheat Hand, a LIAR detector method with only one participant.< Less

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