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The Original Aramaic New Testament In Plain English with Psalms & Proverbs By Rev. David Bauscher
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This is a translation (8th edition) of The Aramaic New Testament (Aramaic was the language of Jesus and his countrymen of 1st century Israel) in an English prose translation of The Peshitta New... More > Testament. This translation is derived from the author's Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament. Aramaic was used in Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" to make the film as realistic and accurate as possible. This New Testament will surprise and thrill the reader with its power and inspiration coming from the words of "Yeshua" (“Jesus” in ancient Aramaic) as He originally spoke them, in a literal and readable English rendering. Abundant documentation of the Aramaic Peshitta as the original NT is included. 609 pages, including 209 pages of documentary notes comparing Greek and Aramaic readings to show the originality of the Aramaic and the Greek as a translation. Hardback edition< Less
Peshitta Aramaic New Testament Evidences of Originality By Rev. David Bauscher
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This is a compilation of three volumes: Peshitta Primacy volumes 1 & 2 + 209 pages of notes from my translation of the Peshitta NT supporting an Aramaic original behind a Greek translation of the... More > Peshitta N.T. I have illustrated many of the examples in the Peshitta and Greek NT's using Dead Sea Scroll script Aramaic letters and Greek letters. Other examples include historical and grammatical errors in the Greek New Testament, which are not found in the Peshitta,demonstrating that The Peshitta Aramaic New Testament is the original text behind The Greek New Testament. There are examples drawn from 26 New Testament books-except Jude. The Aramaic edition I used in my interlinear is the Syriac New Testament of The 1979 UBS Syriac Bible. It is a critical edition based on several critical editions:one of the Gospels, by Gwilliam & Pusey (1901) , Gwilliam's 1920 edition of Acts and Paul’s Epistles and a 1920 edition of John Gwynn’s critical editions of The Cath. Epistles and Revelation. Color 360 pp.< Less
Peshitta Primacy Volume 2 By Rev. David Bauscher
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This is an examination of the question, "Which is the original New Testament text?" The evidence presented supports the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament as that original, in the form of the... More > critical 1905 Syriac New Testament- a comparison and collation of about 80 Peshitta and other Aramaic manuscripts. This is volume 2 of the title. Full color 8x11 hardback. 30 pages< Less
The Aramaic English Interlinear Peshitta Old Testament (the Law, the Prophets and the Poetry) By Rev. David Bauscher
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This is a literal word for word interlinear translation of the 1900+ year old Aramaic Old Testament called the Peshitta. This volume contains the Torah, the Major Prophets and Minor Prophets and also... More > the poetry books- Job,Psalms,Proverbs,Eccles and Song of Songs.27 OT books are included. Aramaic was the native language of Jesus and of Israel in the 1st century AD. The text translated is the 6th-7th cent. Codex Ambrosianus- the oldest complete Semitic Old Testament. The Peshitta Old Testament was very likely translated from the Hebrew Bible in the 1st century AD in Israel by Christian coverts from Judaism, or possibly Syrian Christians from across Israel's border. Either way, the Peshitta Old and New Testaments together constitute the first Christian Bible. The author has translated and published an interlinear of the entire Aramaic Peshitta New Testament and plain English translations of the NT, the Torah, the Psalms & Proverbs. PDF EBook 8x11" 1349 pages in color and B&W (B&W in Psalms to Song of Songs).< Less

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