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The Curse of the Nibelung - A Sherlock Holmes Mystery By Sam North
eBook (ePub): $3.20
December 1939. Germany and Great Britain are in the fog of the phoney war. The First Sea Lord Winston Churchill knows that England is not ready for the fight, she could lose against the might of... More > Germany. Four British spies have perished in strange circumstances in Nuremberg trying to discover the biggest secret of the Third Reich. Churchill turns to the only man he knows who can solve the mystery. But Sherlock Holmes is now 83, Dr Watson even older. They must cross the Channel, pretending to be German sympathisers. If caught, England will disown them. Holmes accepts the challenge; indeed he has been awaiting the call. They will solve the mystery, or die in the attempt. Two ancient men of England and one beautiful nurse enter enemy territory. Their loyalty will be tested, more than once, and there is absolutely no one they can trust. The secret of Nuremberg is more sinister than even Holmes could imagine.< Less
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Mean Tide By Sam North
eBook (PDF): $5.09
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Kids can survive anything, they say. Oliver, aged twelve, has a missing father in Africa, his mother has had a breakdown, and he is recovering from chemo. He is sent to live with his only... More > relative. On a foggy day, one bald boy, with his cat, Flop, arrives at his Grandma's house at the water's edge in Greenwich. Oliver discovers to his horror that his Grandma, a famous psychic, hates cats. Her housekeeper, Lena loathes kids, and silent Justine seems to hate everyone. Add crazy Harriet, who has seen every fortune teller in London; Aura, a mysterious, aspiring beautiful actress and Bullet, the homeless kid with a very mean streak, trouble can't be far behind. When Oliver and Justine find a beautiful dog with it's throat cut washed up on the riverbank, Oliver feels a strange connection to this dead animal and so begins his own induction into a psychic world. 'An engaging, unusual and completely engrossing read' - Beverly Birch - author of 'Rift'< Less
Diamonds - The Rush of '72 By Sam North
eBook (PDF): $4.95
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When two Kentucky prospectors, John Slack and Philip Arnold arrived penniless and near starving in San Francisco to deposit raw 'American' diamonds in the Bank of California, it caused quite a stir.... More > Rumors flew across the city. This was going to be bigger than Kimberley and everyone wanted a piece of the action. But Slack and Arnold would be hard men to woo. This is a true story of the American West. What begins as a trickle in the Colorado mountains would grow into the great rush of 1872 and ruin the lives of almost everyone it touched. 'Just when you think you know what's going to happen next, there's another surprise. This book is a marvel'. Johnny Dixon Frem< Less

The Curse of the Nibelung – A Sherlock Holmes Mystery The Curse of the... By Sam North Paperback:
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Mean Tide Mean Tide By Sam North Paperback:
$17.00 $12.75
Diamonds - The Rush of '72 Diamonds - The Rush of... By Sam North Paperback:
$19.50 $14.63

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