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Awakening to a Different World By White Feather
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Imagine awakening one morning to realize that the world is suddenly different. As the consciousness on the planet shifts, White Feather explains what is happening and offers practical advice on how... More > each of us can go with the flow of change. These popular teachings of metaphysical spirituality are profound yet easily understood and applied. These 30 teachings are a collection of White Feather's earliest metaphysical writings. They build a foundation of concepts that are further expanded upon in subsequent books. One of the primary concepts is that we already live in a different world but we have yet to awaken to that realization. Through the changing of our perceptions and the embracing of love, joy and beauty we can start living that realization. White Feather uncovers the veils blocking our perception and shows us an awakening to a different world. For those studying White Feather's teachings this book is the best place to start.< Less
The Whooping Crane Saga By White Feather
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Through his visionary short fiction, White Feather takes the reader across time and space, opening up new perspectives and revealing unseen connections. From ancient Atlantis to Japan to Persia to... More > the windswept American prairie to the bustling of modern cities, these nine stories show the human quest for enlightenment and happiness enduring through many diverse situations. With insight and humor, White Feather's storytelling takes us into the human heart. Included are some of White Feather's most popular stories, including The Whooping Crane Saga, Valley of Visions, Saving the Planet, Hanging Laundry, The Purple Planet, and more.< Less
When Mountains Sing By White Feather
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We are formless energy and consciousness moving through and manifesting in the world of form. Metaphysical author White Feather elaborates on what happens as we move from Source energy into form and... More > then develop identities tied to that form. The separation between our true divine identity and the egoic form identity is the chasm we are trying to bridge in our journey of self-awareness. We build that bridge by embracing unconditional love and the NOW. To begin that bridge building there are choices that must first be made and White Feather illuminates those choices and the ensuing path of loving our selves into existence.< Less
Mumbo Jumbo By White Feather
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This collection of 31 ramblings by White Feather brings together several of his ideas and perceptions on life. The idea that reality is created through perception is delved into as is using... More > wonderment as a tool. Energy sources, resistance, thoughts, feelings, movement, happiness, art, and pushing the envelope are talked about, with intensive rambling about the process of individuation and the creation of a Self. The differences between Sources and Creators are delineated as are the differences between our head noggins and our belly noggins. And that doesn't make sense until you read White Feather's explanation of the all-important donut in our belly. With wit and wisdom, White Feather pushes the envelope of our perceptions.< Less