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Threegraces By Gerard ZITTA
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This is a funny little trick and a very simple plot. You can carry it in you wallet and always be ready, anytime, anywhere, or you prepare it in larger format, and perform it for wider... More > audiences. Effect: You show an image of three ladies. The spectator selects one of them, and it was predicted on the back. It is also a funny visual gag. Very entertaining, simple, direct, easy to do, instant reset, and practical.< Less
Bluff By Gerard ZITTA
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You will be able to detect liars in a group of people and identify which one has selected a specific card or ESP symbol for instance. You can show your psychometry skills with borrowed objects. etc.... More > There are tons of applications. It works with any number of participants...Some will play the role of cheats, while other ones will be truth-tellers, but you do not know.You just ask the same question to some of them for instance, and you will guess everything, apparently just by listening to their voice (it can be done over the phone!), or looking at their body language. It does not use traditional fishing or anagrams, no stooges (instant or not), no preshow, no forces...It does not use traditional fishing or anagrams, no stooges (instant or not), no preshow, no forces... Some classic effects are explained with this method, but the scope is much wider. BONUS: Cheat Hand, a LIAR detector method with only one participant.< Less
Pocketmysteries1 By Gerard ZITTA
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Close up effects you can do almost naked. - THE HYPNOSIS SYSTEM Make the Spectator forget - THE DIE IS CAST Make the Spectator lose (or win) all the time. - CHAIR'Z Make the Spectators sit where you... More > want (a chair test routine with 3 participants) - SCAM ACAAN : An ACAAN without cards...But with a surprise ending! - BONUS: a principle that may be useful to you. It is impromptu and hands off.< Less
Hotmysteries By Gerard ZITTA
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Monty Hall dilemna : Inspired from the TV game "Let's make a deal" . Perform this famous TV show with 3 business cards. No matter what the probability is , the Spectator will always... More > lose. Very entertaining...and puzzling! I believe the solution is original... Flash at Carnival ,Nice 1932 This is a quick effect that allows you to find a thought card and to leave your business card in one minute. It was published in FFAP magazine (Summer 2011 issue). Free will ( V1) This is the most direct version of my « free will » plots. The performer simply predicts the object chosen by the spectator among three. Color healing This is a simple version of color sensing . SVP Here is my take on an effect that fooled Penn & Teller some year(s) ago. For more details:< Less