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Draco Liberatti By Brandon Osorio
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It was a time of great change as rebellion swept known space. From it's start on the prison planet, Refuge, the last remnants of the lost Earth Military have put into motion a revolt across the... More > Draco Constellation. Join them in this campaign to free your own new space colonies from the cloned army of the evil Iron Republic. The Draco Liberatti is a campaign guide with over fifteen weeks of adventure hooks for your home game. It is optimized for use with either Dark Refuge:The Adventure Game or the Time Shredders.< Less
The Goblin Lands By Brandon Osorio
Paperback: $29.99
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The Olgogs are the natives of the planet Refuge. They have been called a lot of terrible things by their human oppressors. Perhaps the most offensive is the term Goblin which the Humans have used to... More > marginalize the Olgogs. For over a thousand years, the Olgogs have been treated like animals, hunted and slaughtered by the Human Colonists of the Earther Colonies. Humans have space-age technology like aircraft, power armor and tanks. Most Olgog tribes in the Goblin Lands are limited to natural resources like wood, stone, bone, obsidian and animal hides to construct their own weapons and defenses. Direct Warfare is not the answer. Only through careful planning, loyal partnerships and using the powers of the Leyas wisely against strategic targets, will the Olgog tribes be able to achieve their independence and freedom from persecution. Create a tribe, grow it in your home games, and bring that tribe online to influence the larger Dark Refuge Expanded Universe Storyline.< Less
The Nightmare Lord and the Infamous Group 2 By Brandon Osorio
eBook (PDF): $1.25
The Terror of Dunesphere has been freed. After a thousand years of captivity this K'iorn Vampyr is released to a Refuge he does not recognize. Conspirators within the Earther Government have freed... More > him to assassinate the Colony General, but they will find the ancient murderer is no ones' pawn. Hunted by the Dra'koons of his former tribe, Terror will break all the laws of his people, traditions honored by the Children of the Falosini. He will fall in love with an Uthvelor Warlord, fight side by side with an Earther Gunslinger and reshape the face of Refuge as he passes. An Epic Adventure that shows the dangers of blindly following tradition, and the importance of the families we form through loyalty and friendship.< Less
The Complete Leyas Spellbook By Brandon Osorio
eBook (PDF): $6.50
This quick-reference and rules supplement has all the Dark Refuge Leyas Abilities and rules for incorporating the easy-to-learn, fast to use Leyas Spell System into other styles of RPG. Filled with... More > situational experiences on how to use this spell-system with the player's environment. All Elemental Leyas, Trained Leyas, Transcendental Leyas, including Technomancy and the secret final level of Troubadour training, the powers of the Song Mancers. Includes stats for all Summoned Creatures Includes rules for creating new spells and artifacts on the fly. As a bonus it includes optimized starting Adepts.< Less

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