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Works Down My Heart II By Lusor Joculator Basiliensis
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Crafts and paintings of magister ludi Lusor Joculator Basiliensis SEE when every line is brought by meaning. Consciousness of water, married with light, we are. LJB
Works Down My Heart III - the Glassworks By Lusor Joculator Basiliensis
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magister ludi Lusor Joculator basiliensis's glassworks, these that lead to the constant dialogue with the spirit to the great discovery of the obolix, the atmospherical cleaner, the discovery that... More > the waters clean themselves through the prismed rays in the atmosphere, a fact that was not observed, a gate opened to science and even greater discoveries yet to be made, a new realm of understanding that gave us a restored sky. These are the works that lead to the understanding of Lusor's patient synthesis of thirty years of work: the Ludus, the glasspearl game, the pillars of the light on which our universe is build< Less
WORKS DOWN MY HEART I By Lusor Joculator Basiliensis
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Magister Lusor's collages. This work is an attempt to photograph the dream world. Let yourself discover how the dreams patch together bricks of reality. A history of yourself awaits you. Here the... More > first steps, while the magister would work his social jobs he would at night build these frames of mind. They each are a dream and form together an entire one. Let yourself learn the path Lusor had to walk to discover himself, knowing that the next work to do would appear in his mind only when the previous was finished. And so for the entire "works down my heart" Lusor's craft that brought him to the obolix. The waters, the spirit precedes us all.< Less
Le plaidoyer du porteur d'eau By Lusor Joculator Basiliensis
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Mémoires du fond des âges, ce livre est une énigme, il bouleverse nos certitudes en observant notre monde depuis un angle de vue plus lointain que celui qu'on nous a appris, il... More > tient compte des récits sumériens. Il fait parler le dieu Enki à ses enfants les humains. Ainsi aussi parcourt-il les mythes fondateurs des anciennes tribus de ce monde, l'homme fut créé par des gens venus d'ailleurs. Une perle pour clore la fin d'un âge. Aussi étonnant que cela puisse paraître, voici le petit livre blanc de "l'ange des eaux" de St Jean de Patmos.< Less