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Schematics 1 (revised) By Ko Tilman
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A beginners book in electronics, ment for my You Tube viewers and everyone interested in electronics. Informative and useful to make a first start in electronics. Also useful for more experienced... More > people. With many schematics and illustrations (the content is extensively described in the preview on the Lulu website).This book is a revised version from a book under the same title, issued in 2008.< Less
two transistor sine wave oscillator 20 Hz - 19,2 KHz By Ko Tilman
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Schematic, layout and pictures from a two transistor (Wien bridge) sine wave oscillator (prototype) that works between 20 Hertz (15 Hertz) and 19,2 KHz. Easy to make, a real beginners project.... More > Including a schematic from the power supply and two schematics from 1 transistor amplifiers/buffers to which the generator can be connected. The circuit works on 12 Volt.< Less
3-7 Watt audio amplifier (TDA 1519 A or 2N3055 transistors) with tone control By Ko Tilman
eBook (PDF): $1.31
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This document (20 pages, PDF file) describes a stereo amplifier, made with the TDA 1519 A Chip or with 2N3055 transistors (conventional amplifier with an output capacitor). Also the schematics from... More > two tone control units (a presence/loudness filter and a parallel T filter) are published. With these filters you can create the type of sound that you like in your audio system. The document refers to a series of video's on my Youtube channel (called: "developing a 6 (4) Watt stereo amplifier"), the circuit in this video is published here. The tone control/parallel T filter only works with 1 switch, so there is no separate control potentiometer for "low" and "high" frequencies. The amplifiers need a good quality loudspeaker box (with some bass boost) to show their good properties. The document does not supply a schematic for a power supply with which the amplifier can be connected to the grid (110-230 V - 50/60 Hz).< Less
small scale solar energy systems (revised, april 2013) paperback By Ko Tilman
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The content from this book is identical to the content from the E-book, except the pages regarding the usable trickle current. Please see the page where the E-book is published on the Lulu website.... More > Much more information can be found in the preview on the Lulu website.IMPORTANT: the trickle charge currents proved (after more experiments) to be too low for the Dutch solar situation (especially during the autumn and winter). The low trickle charge current exhausted the battery too much. Better values: 80 Ah=500 mA, 40 Ah=250 mA 10 Ah=50 mA. These values protect your wet lead acid battery better during the dark seasons. On page 78-79 pin 2 from the 741 Opamp sets the reference voltage. Experiment with the 6K8 and the 1 K resistor (make them higher) for a better switch-off moment.< Less