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Dragon Dreams By Eric J. Krause
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Something is wrong with dreams. The Demon of Dreams is missing, and it's up to the newly-bound Dragon Guard and dragon duo of Ben and Andi to find the demon and make things right. They may have... More > succeeded in defeating a demon-infused necromancer, but now they must test their still-growing powers against an entire demon syndicate bent on destroying reality. If that wasn't enough, an ancient prophecy, written about the pair eons ago, claims they could become evil and enslave the multiverse. They would ignore it as hogwash if it weren't for the intense anger growing inside Ben. If he and his rapidly expanding powers can't control that burning fire, they fear the evil part of the prophecy may indeed come true. Can they successfully navigate the Realm of Nightmares and defeat the Nightmare Syndicate? Can they restore the Demon of Dreams to its rightful spot in the pantheon? Can they stop the anger from engulfing Ben and turning them evil? And can they do it all before Winter Break at high school ends?< Less

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