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My Margot By Ken Ludden
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Margot Fonteyn's closest friends don't appear in Daneman's detailed biography. Lita Legarda (a doctor) gets a one line mention. Angie Novello (Margot's Washington Hostess), Theodora Christon... More > (Margot's personal secretary) and Ken Ludden aren't mentioned at all. These were the people she trusted most, who kept her confidences and never spoke to the press. Everyone knew Margot differently. BQ, her mother, knew one Margot. Tito, her husband, knew another. Ludden, her circle's youngest by a large margin, knew yet another side of Margot: hence the title 'My Margot'. Ken shares that Margot--who taught him so much about ballet and life, and with whom he worked to plan ballet's future. Beyond Margot we learn about Ken's delightful relationship with BQ, a close friendship between a teenager and a woman of eighty. Ken also writes with unflinching honesty of the hostile relationship he had with Rudolf Nureyev, which developed over time into a grudging mutual respect and a shared grief when Margot died.< Less
Academy Method: Pointe Technique By Ken Ludden
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The Academy Method is a method of teaching classical theatrical dancing established by Dame Margot Fonteyn d'Arias. The Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet offers an International Teacher Certification... More > Program. Certified teachers are able to teach Academy Method and bring the legacy and art of Margot Fonteyn into the dancing of their students. The Academy Method teaches the fundamental principles of movement as they apply to classical theatrical dancing, and is based on the teachings of Margaret Craske and her most accomplished students. For more information about this please go to on the Internet. The Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet is located in Beacon, NY under the direction of Ken Ludden.< Less
The Complete Book of Tarot By Ken Ludden
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The Ankahr Muse tradition is one of the oldest traditions of reading Tarot in Eastern Europe. The oral tradition of the ancient masters has been passed down from Master to Apprentice for millennia,... More > and until now has been the domain of an unseen world. With the popularity of so many different methods for reading Tarot, and the introduction of hundreds of different Tarot decks, both old and new, this book goes back to the origins of Tarot in Europe and gives a complete orientation to the cards, their images and how to read them. This is one of the deepest looks into the ancient art of divination readings. Until now only Ankahr Muse apprentices were privy to this information. But now it is available to those who wish to read Tarot with the depth and accuracy of ancient masters.< Less
Academy Method: Body Mechanics By Ken Ludden
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The Teacher Certification Program of the Academy Method is an integrated training program for teachers of the Academy Method approach to dance. It teaches the fundamental principles of movement as... More > they apply to classical theatrical dance, and were developed by Dame Margot Fonteyn and Ken Ludden over more than a decade. The Body Mechanics program is comprehensive training for the entire body, and is designed to be applied to any sport or activity that involves human movement. It gives a collection of 65 exercises developed over the last 460 years by the top professional dancers in the history of the Classical Ballet art form. Taken out of the context of classical dance, they instill in the body an absolute efficiency of movement, and allow for the maximization of every movement made. Whether you are an athlete, dancer, parent, office worker, stock boy, or waitperson, this program will help you be more effective and avoid injuries.< Less