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Disegni e quadri del progetto "I volti di Camille Claudel / Les visages de Camille Claudel" By Cristina Contilli
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Camille, per me era una sconosciuta, ma con questo libro e diventata un personaggio dal fascino carismatico, una donna moderna che non ha avuto vita facile, ma che ha vissuto una vita piena di... More > passioni, dall'amore all'arte. Una volta letto il libro la comprendi, e perché no, la senti vicina, merito dell'autrice che ha saputo trasferire tutto il suo impegno e la sua passione per una storia "vera"... (CARLA LENTINI - MAHARET DI ANOBII.COM)< Less
Un amore nella Milano Romantica By Cristina Contilli
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Verso la fine di una vita lunga e ricca di avventure sentimentali, di committenze pubbliche e private e di successi mondani il pittore e insegnante dell’Accademia di Brera Francesco Hayez... More > (1791-1882) scrisse le proprie “Memorie” ricordando anche le donne più importanti della sua vita. Tra queste c’era anche Carolina Zucchi a cui, però, l’Hayez dedicò nel proprio libro un ricordo affettuoso, ma rapido. Towards the end of a long life full of romance, of public and private clients of worldly success the painter and teacher of the Academy of Brera Francesco Hayez (1791-1882) wrote his "Memoirs" recalling also the most important women of his life. Among them was also Carolina Zucchi however, in his book Hayez devoted to her an affectionate, but rapid remembrance. This book tries to reconstruct the love and passion that tied Francesco and Carolina and which have been retained in their works.< Less
Camille and Emile A romantic and unknown love story between the sculptress Camille Claudel and the pharmacist Emile Boulanger By Cristina Contilli
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Camille Claudel is for art critics a discussed and fascinating sculptress, but, after the break with her teacher and lover Auguste Rodin, manage alone a studio is not easy for a woman and so Camille... More > slips little by little into a psychosis of persecution until to hospitalization in a mental hospital in 1913, but is it really all over? It's been six years since her hospitalization and Camille receives in the clinic near Avignon, where she is, a visit to one of her former neighbors, a pharmaceutical industrial, the doctor Emile Boulanger, with whom she had a brief relationship and probably also a daughter, Aurore, born in Reims in 1907. Now that the First World War finished, Emile hopes to be able to do something so that Camille is taken care in the best way as possible, but he will met the opposition of Camille's brother and mother who think that Camille is incurable...< Less
Camille and Emile Second book By Cristina Contilli
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This second book sees Camille alongside two other prominent women, the sculptress Jeanne Bardey that was the last student and lover of Rodin and Dr. Madeleine Pelletier... Camille and Madeleine...... More > two women who can not seem more different because the first had of love relationships that have marked his personal and artistic life , and the second by what she said and from what I have reconstructed the his biographers did not have love stories important and has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of women and the medical career... and yet it seems to me that one thing in common Camille and Madeleine were angry: a bad relationship with their mothers, one of those conflicting reports that lead a woman to create an identity completely different from that of her mother just from the point of view of both sentimental is working, not the normal rebellion of the adolescent girls in relation to their mother...< Less