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Ethereal Dreams & Hope: a Photographic Collection with Words to Boost Your Spirit By Nawfal Johnson Nur
eBook (PDF): $17.99
Ethereal Dreams & Hope is a smoke art photography portfolio by Nawfal Johnson Nur - but it is much more than another photo book of pretty pictures. With this book, Nawfal hopes to reach out to... More > people who live with chronic pain, and those who are struggling with depression. He has included 'Hope Quotations' and words of encouragement, along with some of his own story about dealing with pain and depression. The author's goal with this project, Ethereal Dreams & Hope, is to bring at least a little reassurance that positive change is possible for people who may be feeling hopeless, and those who suffer with pain. Having lived with ankylosing spondylitis for a long time, and coping with lengthy bouts of major depression has been a big struggle for Nawfal; but as he will relate to you in this book - there is hope!< Less
eBook (PDF): $17.99
CLOUDS – COLLECTION TWO is a new photography series by Photographer, Nawfal Johnson Nur, showcasing cloud formations of extreme forms and interesting shades of gray. The CLOUDS –... More > COLLECTION TWO series includes 15 photographs that were created between December 2011 and January 2012. All of the photographs were taken from Penang Island, Malaysia. Nawfal says that when he looks up to the sky, he wants to see clouds—of course—but behind and through the clouds, he wants to see intense rays of sunshine, and he wants to capture the fringe of the clouds on fire, which is caused by the powerful light of the midday sun blasting the clouds from the background. That is the visual magic of this collection of cloudscapes.< Less
CRACKED, CHIPPED, and ROUGH By Nawfal Johnson Nur
eBook (PDF): $17.99
CRACKED, CHIPPED, and ROUGH, is an abstract look at a very mundane subject—old, cracked, chipped, and peeled paint on walls. What is revealed in this abstract photography collection are the... More > macro-details of old painted surfaces. In my eyes, the joy of this type of macro photography is looking at, and seeing, the fine details of cracks in old paint; wondering how the curled ends of paint have lost its adhesive qualities; and, creating the pictorial illusion of texture in the two dimensional image. This may sound weird, but when someone looks at my cracked paint images, I want the rough textures of the paint, and the wall, to reach out and scratch your eyes! Not in a violent sort of way, but I want you so say, “Wow, I can feel the roughness of this scene when I see these images.” The primary effect I wanted to show with these photographs is the illusion of three-dimensional space. CRACKED, CHIPPED, and ROUGH is a collection of 15 black & white, and color images.< Less
BENDING SPACE By Nawfal Johnson Nur
eBook (PDF): $17.99
BENDING SPACE is a collection of 15 Abstract Expressionistic Photographs, which illustrate the idea of bending space. Nawfal pondered what colors and space itself, may look like near a black hole -... More > around the Event Horizon. He also created a photograph (No. 4 in this series) that shows the minuscule 'bouncy' strings that represents String Theory. Nawfal Johnson Nur took inspiration from the Cosmological theories that try to explain the very nature of the expansion of space, and used these ideas to design the photography series, BENDING SPACE.< Less

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