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Creating Wellness in American By John Jarvis
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In this collection of articles, senior student writers seek solutions to important issues that trouble America today. Their research treats a diversity of topics that touch the lives of all... More > Americans, including special education, obesity, factory farming, the science of happiness, racism in our justice system, the new phenomenon of “sexting” among teens, and the impact of negative stereotypes upon our political system. But this textbook is more than a classroom exercise in college writing. It presents excellent models of critical thinking framed by classical Greek rhetoric that is presented in both MLA and APA writing styles for other college students to draw upon in their own work. The book is part of an innovative and ongoing initiative that publishes the best work of senior writers to use as teaching tools in freshmen writing classes at Bay Path College in Longmeadow, Massachusetts.< Less
Breaking Our Silence By John Jarvis
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The 21st century is a time when America is riddled with social issues. Obese and overmedicated children, an antiquated education system that lags behind global counterparts and an often socially... More > toxic world that unbalances our best efforts to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy are just a few of the challenges that we all face today. Breaking Our Silence  is a penetrating and heartfelt look at these issues that are pulling America apart at the seams and making the country as a whole less competitive globally. Sixteen adult women writers in an innovative online learning program at Bay Path College in Springfield, Massachusetts, strive to educate their peers on the troubling issues that they face in their personal and their professional lives each day. As they do so, these college writers-in-training depict the different ways to write in both MLA and APA research paper styles for other students to use as models in their own work.< Less
Healing in a Violent Land By John Jarvis
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In recent times, America has been rocked again and again by violent mass shootings in parking lots, in movie theaters, on college campuses, and, most shockingly, in a first-grade classroom at Sandy... More > Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut. Healing in a Violent Land is an effort by adult women writers at Bay Path College in Burlington, Massachusetts, to educate their peers on this heart-wrenching issue. At the same time, these writers-in-training model skillful ways to research and to write in MLA and APA research paper styles for other student writers. Above all, the book reinforces the principles that students learn to write best by writing about things that matter to them and by doing so for real world audiences beyond the classroom.< Less
Carpe Diem Soup By John Jarvis
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Roughly seven billion people walk the same earth on a daily basis, but how many of them actually know and understand the current events happening every day? From gay rights, to poverty, eating... More > disorders, illiteracy, gun violence, healthcare, violence against women, and contemporary art as a vehicle for social change, this textbook takes you out of the classroom and into some of the most challenging issues of our time around the world. Carpe Diem Soup: Student Writings on Conflict and Consensus in Contemporary Society is a textbook showcasing college students educating their peers on global problems at the same time as they model proper ways to write in MLA, APA, and Chicago research formats. Most importantly, the book teaches college students about current events and how to develop thoughtful and persuasive solutions to real world problems.< Less