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Mad Trip By Jason Price
eBook (PDF): $2.99
In this first person narrative, a young working single-mom decides have one night from her responsibilities and go with her girlfriend to a party, where she can let loose with alcohol, some... More > recreational drug and hopefully, sex. When meeting an old acquaintance, our protagonist is introduced to a new party drug call mad trip. With each use of this super-hallucinogen, the girl’s deepest desires are pulled out and twisted, creating the most vivid and exotic sex dreams than she can ever imagine, each one more intense and orgasmic than the last. But soon the line between reality and the surreal sex fantasy realm begin to fade for her, sending her in a life-crushing downward spiral she may never recover from.< Less
Beach House of the Raven-Nymph By Jason Price
eBook (ePub): $2.95
A young man on summer vacation encounters the woman of his sex dreams. A female with such a magnificent body and alluring mystique who takes the young virgin in her sexual realm and shows him... More > pleasures of her body ... and a few surprises along the way. As he first lays eyes on her naked form skinny-dipping in the lake, our main protagonist is captivated by her beauty and lack of inhibitions as he watches while hidden from the black-haired nymph. Eventually, he is caught by the “raven-nymph” and falls under the sensual spell she puts on him. Under the raven-nymph’s wing, the young man learns about sex. Not just how to do it, but the morals of sex, such as including the other’s needs as well as his own … and the consequences for failing to do so. The author takes us back in time and puts us in his shoes as he recollects to his summer of sexual discovery we may or may not have had. Reading this story, you will go through his journey of sex, love and the pitfalls it leads.< Less