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Crowley's Daughter By Master A.B.
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Has the Thelémic Messiah been reborn or Is this the biography of an Anti-Christ? The answer to the mystery is simple. Yet the manouvering to make this answer available to all has been more... More > complex than a well played game of chess. Uncovering secrets hidden deeper than the Da Vinci Code, discover the lineage of female Popes the Church would erased from history, the magick ritual that gave birth to scientology & facilitated the rebirth of a prophesied and long awaited alternative messiah. The pieces on the board are intriguing. Great Magickians, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Mysterious Hidden Masters, Gods, Angeles & Spirits who have all worked together to make this personal realisation & empowerment possible for you. Reincarnation, Ritual, Wars, Triumph over Torture & Abuse, Near Death, Crossing The Abyss, Meeting the Holy Guardian Angel, & understanding the higher self, the True Will and The Open Secret in this true life account, can result in an individual finding personal meaning of life.< Less