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"I'll Make a Note of It" Notebook By Alex Potter
Paperback: $12.00
Ships in 3-5 business days
Have you ever said to someone "I'll make a note of it?" Most likely, you actually did make a note of it on a post it or something and lost it. What if it was an important reminder to do... More > something, say something, or just a notice of something that had happened? That's where this notebook comes in! Keep all your notes together in one nice journal!< Less
Warriors of Atlantis Book One: The Book of Prophecy By Alex Potter
Hardcover: $29.99
Ships in 6-8 business days.
Five are given a adventure to save the Atlantian World from the evils of an evil zod, Flamsus. Only they, as told in legend, can overcome the evils of this vile villian. Along the journey one is... More > lost, and must be found. Together the remaining four battle werewolves, griffon-sharks, zods, and even gods. All is centered around on thing, one thing stolen- The Book of Prophecy.< Less