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Tales of the Hand: Going Home By: Stephan Handbringer By Matthew Kowalski, Luminosity
Paperback: $7.37
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Going Home The stage is set. Prepare for an adventure tearing through time. The last story in the Handbringer Saga. The story takes us across the world and to the edge of mystery, enjoy the... More > adventure together. Peer into the mind of a vampire traversing the ages, saving mortals and men. While exploring the mystery of his birth, and the tragedy of his existence. Though this tragic wind would not put out the fiery heart that would fight on for souls eternal. Stephan will tell you his story from his own eyes, in the trappings of unlife that would in every moment always fight for life and right.< Less
Sunrunner By Matthew Kowalski, Bill Bracco
Paperback: $11.00
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Sunrunner is our main character… for now. He lives in a nice abode that receives both the light of sunrise and sunset. He also has a wall of double doors that open to a rooftop. He lives above... More > a coffeehouse in a bohemian styled neighborhood. Some have said it is where the gurus come to play. He loves the dark rich smell of espresso at 6am and he is usually one of the first two or three people to the counter, where Stephanie serves him a strong black organic blend and delivers it in his own molded mug covered with spirals. Sunrunner seems to appear at different times in different ways and various appearances.< Less
Tales from the hand: A Sojourns Song By Stephan Handbringer By Matthew Kowalski
Paperback: $12.00
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A Sojourn’s Song Sings us across the sea, and into the mysteries for which we must question even now; across the ages. To the politic of the mortal core and it's pervasive effect in the... More > America's. Still the soul does sing and question.< Less
Peter In Detroit By Matthew Kowalski, Bill Bracco, Stephanie Roupp
Paperback: $12.13
Ships in 3-5 business days.
A city remaking itself, in love. A city seeking it's new name. A city of love Detroit.