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The Man-eating Lions of Udi Hills By Charles Eke
eBook (ePub): $17.78
The Fear of the Lions is the Beginning of Wisdom When the Lions came the first time, everyone thought they were mere hungry animals. Ten people dead ten days later and with armed soldiers scampering... More > in all directions at a mere sight of the Man-Eating Lions, folks suddenly realized these were something far bigger than famished animals. Inside the beasts were the spirits of three long dead wicked Witch Doctors. Again the fight between the Traditional African Religion and the White man’s God is rekindled in this Man-Eating Lions of Udi Hills.< Less
Judas Instinct (The Kaduna Massacre) By Charles Eke
eBook (ePub): $15.29
They started with his mother but by the time they finished with him, his empire was gone. So Jamike Nnaji, the guy with the great instinct for danger did the natural thing, went into hiding and... More > fought back. His anger littered Kaduna with a lot of horrifying corpses. But the wiz kid was eventually caught down by the kisses of a ravishing Fulani beauty- Amina. Quite an anti-climax in this fight between the cross and the crescent- Christianity and Islam< Less
The Human Trafficker (From Nigeria to Europe By Connections) By Charles Eke
eBook (ePub): $13.99
The Greatest Scourge of the 20th Century besides the illict trades in arms and drugs is perhaps the business of trafficking in persons for forced labor and prostitution. It is worth over $15 billion... More > dollars annualy. The Naivety, proverty, illiteracy and greed parents lead them to hand over their teenage daugthers to these buccaneers who exploit, rape and sometimes kill them. Governments know very little about this as billions meant for development end up in private pockets while the citizens live wallow in poverty. Humanity at large stand condemned for allowing this modern day salvery. Here is the story of a repented trafficker who here outlines vividly that dark secrets of this business. It will ferry the reader from the small town of Benin in Nigeria through tchad, Camerron, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey, Malta, Jordan and finally to the Italian cities of Florience and Turin. It is a must read.< Less
Adanma the Proud Fool By Charles Eke
eBook (ePub): $15.46
Pride Goes before a crash. The elders knew what they were saying when they warned against vain pride. Beautiful Adanma allowed her good looks to get into her head and decided to make a fool out of... More > the men that came to ask for her hands in marriage. But the law of karma landed her in the hands of Mpoto; a fast talking loafer and she lived afterwards to regret her foolish manners. This time though her beautiful looks could not save her.< Less

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