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Sesquicentennial-1968 By Charles D. Rodenbough
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Novel set in 1968 when a small southern town of Cascade decides to put on a Sesquicentennial. They hire a mid-western company that organizes such events and the company sends in Devon Poole, a young... More > men who seems inigmatic to the locals. The tragic sequence of events in 1968 are unleashed in juxtaposition to the Sesquecentennial preparations. Locals do not know that their economic and sociel fabric is beginning to unravel as they celebrate 150 years. They also do not know that Devon may have an involvement with national events over which they have no control. It is mystery fiction.< Less
Rodenbach to Rodenbough By Charles D. Rodenbough
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In 1891, retired Union General Theophilus Francis Rodenbough published a genealogy about his extended family which he called "Autumn Leaves From Family Trees." About six generations have... More > passed and the access to broader ranges of research, particularly using the computer, have made possible this update of the General's work For the author it has been the accumulated work of about 60 years. He has expanded the sources and has investigated families who, particularly at the time of emigration, were associated with the Rodenbach/Rodenbough family. This expands the story to a study of a particular category of German immigration to America and its roots in Europe. The Rodenbach/Rodenbough family is covered in 4 generations in Germany and 10 in America. Eleven allied families including: Rockefeller, Hockenberry, Brown, Shatwell, Teel, Letsch, Cline, Silverthorne, Major, Okeson, and Albertson are covered in multiple generations and there are 20 Genealogical charts, mostly German in origin and over 55 illustrations.< Less
Understanding the Flow of Ancestry-Antigua-Virginia By Charles D. Rodenbough
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This is an interactive study plan presented in five books using a common format for teaching in schools, homes, and churches. The Bible, the Koran or other faith texts, give a foundation for the... More > understanding of a particular people, thus giving believers roots upon which to build their own images in continuity with their past. This study can demonstrate for African Americans, the flow of their ancestry as a historical continuum. Where genealogical study may find a research roadblock with the last slave ancestor, African Americans find in the flow of their story, the same kind of harmony that the slaves found in the richness of the Old Testament. The value of such an inclusive understanding of the progress of a people of faith, is not limited to African Americans but can be an instrument of educational understanding for any student.< Less
Settle: A Family Journey Through Slavery By Charles D. Rodenbough
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Although this is an historical novel, it is based on a factual family and branches of that family with different racial identities. Since this is such a well known family in the South and it had a... More > record of racial mixing during slavery and a shared concern for the Union and racial justice, there are mixed venues in which to examine particular racial attitudes within the family. I have used dialogue to interpret what might have been the discussions within the family but have added Editor's Notes in order to distinguish facts and a Bibliography to identify my sources. There is also a Teaching Supplement available to use in schools or as home study, of interpretive racial history. This method is particularly designed to assist African American children to use the interpretation of history within this family for understanding Justice and to gain greater self awareness and identity. This book is part of the Sauratown Project-Understanding the Flow of Ancestry.< Less

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