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Geoffrey Griffiths - St. Michael's Mass By Kenneth Spencer
Paperback: $8.78
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This is the 2014 edition of the St. Michael's Mass, written by the Revd. Geoffrey Griffiths, and set and edited by Kenneth A Spencer. This edition is in eBook format.
All about your Computer By Kenneth Spencer
Paperback: $29.19
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This book is written especially for those who have always wondered exactly how a computer does what it does. It answers questions like: How does my PC store my information? How does PC memory work?... More > What is the Central Processor and how does it work? How do networks work? How does the Internet work? How do you program a computer? How do you backup your information? How do I keep my computer and information safe? and many many more! The book is not a kind of "Computers for a Dummy" book: it attempts to describe your computer in enough detail for you understand exactly how it does the amazing things it does. If you are a keen computer user and have always wondered what goes on in your PC, this book is for you!< Less
A Glossary of Terms for non-organist Virtual Pipe Organ Users By Kenneth Spencer
eBook (PDF): $4.22
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This is a carefully constructed Glossary of Terms relating specifically to to the Virtual Pipe Organ. The Glossary also includes many terms relating to music in general as well as to the real Pipe... More > Organ. The glossary is designed to help those who are relative beginners in the world of Pipe Organs and Virtual Pipe organs, and who may find the terminology sometimes confusing.< Less
The Forcalquier Wet Virtual Pipe Organ LaunchPad Overlay By Kenneth Spencer
eBook (PDF): $8.15
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This document is a single page Novation Launchpad Overlay for the Forcalquier Wet Virtual Pipe Organ. This organ sample set is produced by Sonus Paradisi. The overlay page of the document should be... More > printed onto A4 Transparency Film so that it can be attached to the LaunchPad by Velcro tabs. The overlay is also supplied horizontally flipped so as to reduce wear on the printed surface.< Less