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Scorpio Moon Narratives Revealed By Michael St.Clair
Paperback: $17.10
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Outlining St.Clair's 2015 Select Meetings with professional Astrologers, business colleagues and interested parties. Scorpio Moon Narratives Revealed is a Notebook of interest to different fields of... More > study from Astrology to Economics. St.Clair writes: "I am not asking anyone to “believe” what I say. I suggest that together we suspend disbelief. The key to open up grey areas or blind-sided spots we all have is to say we don’t have to BELIEVE anything we discuss here, but entertain the idea that we have located some solutions for our future. Let’s see if they can work."< Less
LIGHT-SEEDS Futures of Planet Earth By Michael St.Clair
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Beyond disclosure, Light-Seeds unearths the oldest story known to mankind: Earth has been visited by beings from other worlds since the beginning. Extra-terrestrials have not only lived on Earth;... More > there are portals & dimensional crossings that are active now. Many strange lights observed in the skies have a special interest in Earth - some are "friendly" and some are not. Humans are the key to their own destiny. How we navigate the next hundred years will determine our future as a planetary species. Until 2024-25 we will live through "The Winter of The 21st Century", which will mirror chaotic societal changes to which we have to adapt from within with clarity and purpose. By 2011 there will be many moments of highest intensity on this planet. The world economy will have collapsed and there is only a short time to be mentally transformed, spiritually coherent and physically ready for this unprecedented hyper-dimensional shift in our realities. Light-Seeds includes: Zen of Stars and FORESEEN in one volume.< Less
The Art of Time Travel: St.Clair's Star-Resonators By Michael St.Clair
eBook (ePub): $14.66
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St.Clair's collection of Star Crystal time travel orgone resonators. During the transformative Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in the Galactic Center, St.Clair [guided by ET intelligence] designed and... More > crafted a stunning series of high-powered Orgone generating instruments - timed to his own astrological knowing and geared towards re-griding this planet with Light. The seeds of light are displayed in a stunning photography booklet with intricate explanations of what these Crystal tools can do.< Less
Atlantis Oracle Divination By Michael St.Clair
eBook (ePub): $14.34
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The Architects of Atlantis were the masterminds of time and stature. They knew the secret notions of space-time, stargates, and all the laws of nature. They left behind coded philosophy in a... More > universal language of stars & symbols for us to find, to study, and to teach the legacy of humankind. The "instructions of the cards" are a gateway, harnessing a deep understanding of the two forces in man. St.Clair shows that there is a precise order to the dual forces operating within us. As we understand the forces moving through us, we become masters of Atlantean High Magic. Atlantis Oracle Divination Tarot was constructed and designed by St.Clair. From the 22 main symbol archetypes designed in 1998 of the black & white, pen & ink line drawings by St.Clair, many of the original drawings are now in the possession of Art collectors worldwide. The 22 cards have been reproduced in "Atlantis Oracle Cards".< Less

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