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CASE GAME By Allen Jones
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Allen Jones jokes, “I’m not coming out of the closet until I’m finished having sex in the closet.” An autobiography full of discovery, revelation, defeat and victory actually... More > began at the age of 19, when Jones was told to, “Shut up you crippled-nigger-faggot.” Read how that cruel remark became his best friend. He is a black, crippled homosexual ready to activate the activist within him to un-confuse the confused. “Blessed Assurance” is his epiphany chapter. In addition, “The Crazy Samaritan” is simply, a must read chapter, proving you only need to be your self to save a life. With help from God, his 9 siblings and his majestic late father, Jones describes in all 25 chapters, how he confronted and defeated his oppressor. Jones, an admitted contrarian, is also a philosopher, funny, insightful, thought provoking, wise, and controversial. Those oppressed by out-dated thinking due to ancient biblical customs, will experience their own epiphany by reading Case Game.< Less
The Crazy Samaritan By Allen Jones
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Excerpt from my autobiography, Case Game, published by Lulu Press. Chapter 14 is the true story similar to the biblical parable of, "The Good Samaritan."
Miss Quitter By Allen Jones
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The story of this poem can be found in the 25th chapter of my autobiography, Case Game: Activating the Activist published by Lulu Press.
Wake Up By Allen Jones
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Teens (over the age of 14) should read my autobiography, Case Game published by Lulu Press. Warning does contain adult material but you can handle it.