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Joy-Filled Relationships By Barbara Moon
eBook (ePub): $4.99
In Joy-Filled Relationships you will find skills necessary for relating in joy and exercises fort re-training your brain. Both will help you stay relational and act like yourself even in the midst of... More > distress. Chapters include topics on building joy, reconnecting with others after conflict, dealing with shame, relating as God designed our brains, maturing emotionally and unraveling Satan’s strategies. Joy-Filled Relationships is helpful for both individual and group study. It is both inspiring and practical as it intertwines Biblical principles and brain science developed by E. James Wilder, Ph.D., author of Living With Men and developer of The Life Model.< Less
Workbook for Handbook to Joy-Filled Parenting By Barbara Moon
eBook (ePub): $4.99
The Workbook is designed to help study Handbook to Joy-Filled Parenting. The workbook can be used for individual or group study.
Handbook to Joy-Filled Parenting By Barbara Moon
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Are you a new or expectant parent? Or are you seeking help and answers for your teen? Handbook to Joy-Filled Parenting is a comprehensive parenting book that can help you parent from birth to... More > college. Barbara Moon combines information about the latest research on how joy affects a child's developing brain with practical, every-day tips for all ages. Drawing from her experiences as a mother, grandmother, nanny, counselor and mentor, Barbara illustrates her tips with stories and examples, emphasizing her passion for prevention of problems by following God's design for life, while encouraging parents to face their own issues and find healing when needed. If you have a passion to be a good parent, Joy-Filled Parenting should be part of your library.< Less
The Lost Dome of Atron: Book One By Barbara Moon
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Geared toward young adults but enjoyable to all ages, "The Lost Dome of Atron" takes you to a planet in the far future where two cultures once united are now at war. The Unidans follow... More > their King, The One of the Universe, while the cruel King Krall leads the Toldens, bent on destroying the Unidans. Atron is dying from a terrible drought, but the Unidans know there may be a way to save the planet and the people. But that plan depends on an ancient parchment that will direct them to the Lost Dome, where they can rediscover the One's books, reunite the people, and find a way to end the drought. Gran, an Elder of the Unidans, has one half of the parchment, but no one knows what happened to the other half. Without it, the Unidans cannot find the way to the Lost Dome. The One orchestrates events to bring together four young people who, by His guidance, might be able to save their people and their planet, if they can find the Lost Dome.< Less