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Blackbird Rising By Gary Earl Ross
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At the dawn of the 20th Century, the first city lit by electricity—Buffalo, New York—hosts a dazzling World’s Fair to showcase America’s march into the future. Unknown to... More > organizers, the bold grandsons of a runaway slave plan to conquer the sky during a fateful presidential visit. They intend to show the world that nothing is more powerful than mankind’s oldest dreams—flight and freedom—meeting imagination in an age of possibility.< Less
The Trial of Trayvon Martin By Gary Earl Ross
Paperback: $15.00
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You know the story. A black teenager on his way home from a convenience store in Sanford, Florida, is followed by a Neighborhood Watch volunteer who thinks the boy is planning to commit a crime. A... More > confrontation leads to a struggle. A gun discharges, one of them dies, and the other finds himself thrust into the criminal justice system. This ripped-from-the headlines drama explores what might have happened if the infamous events of February 26, 2012—which inspired the Black Lives Matter movement—had gone differently.< Less
The Mark of Cain By Gary Earl Ross
Paperback: $15.00
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It is 1925. Ossian Cain—a widowed black doctor with a teen daughter, a new wife and baby, and a dentist brother—buys a home in a white neighborhood in a northern industrial city. On their... More > second night, the Cains are threatened by a mob that calls for lynching and hurls rocks through their windows. During the confrontation, a white man is shot dead. The entire family is arrested and charged with first degree murder. Summoned by the local NAACP, legal legend Charles Durham, defender of the damned, comes to town to try to keep the Cains out of the electric chair. Like Inherit the Wind, The Mark of Cain is a courtroom drama with one foot in the history that inspired it and the other in the turbulent time in which it was born.< Less
The Guns of Christmas By Gary Earl Ross
Paperback: $15.00
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It is December 24, 1914, on the Western Front of the Great War. Two squads of soldiers—one British, one German—face each other across the ruined terrain of No Man’s Land, which... More > holds both the bodies of their fallen comrades and the promise of certain death for anyone who attempts to reach the enemy trench. But it is Christmas Eve, and the bombardments trail off early. Then, in the darkness, someone begins to sing “Silent Night” and both sides recognize an opportunity for a brief peace unsanctioned by their commanders . . . A stirring historical drama based on the real-life decision of war-weary soldiers to put down their guns for Christmas.< Less

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