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Homoria By Gregory McEwan
eBook (ePub): $8.99
What if you lived in a world where your true identity was a mystery - a world governed by sexuality Homoria is a peaceful city - but you must abide by its rules. Kale is only eighteen years old, and... More > the city's ways are easy enough to understand, but to him, they are near impossible to obey. He is simply different, and finding himself paired with one he could never love, he leaves behind him a life of luxury and promise. Finally, he revels in the joys of love, but even that brings much pain... He refuses to allow others to decide his destiny; where he abides...even who he chooses to love. Unsure of his identity, he is left to struggle in an entangled web of surprises and danger.< Less
Wash Belly By Gregory McEwan
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Wash Belly is a nostalgic look into the childhood of Gregory McEwan, author of Freedom City and HOMORIA. Back in Jamaica, the youngest child is usually known as the "Wash Belly" of the... More > family, and being the last of several children, Gregory was indeed "Mommy's Wash Belly". With his parents living in Canada for most of the earlier years of their lives, Gregory and his older siblings resided with their adopted grandparents, Banka, and Miss Dell. Life within the Longmore home had its ups and downs, but the closely bonded siblings had one common goal - they all dreamed of moving to Canada one day. Wash Belly will take you back to the 70's - back to Trelawny, Jamaica; in a little house filled with laughter, good times, tears, and sorrow...< Less

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